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The Journal of an Eccentric Otaku
My life as an otaku, or what ever I want to write.
Ara in Wonderland (Stage 1)
I awoke, suddenly, in a strange place.
Where was I? I can remember ever being in a place such as this before.
I placed my hand on the ground by my side, but then swiftly pulled it back. To the touch the floor was soft, damp and slippery.
I looked around in the small dark room. A small amount of light filtered in through a hole in the roof. Was this perhaps the place in which I entered? Had I fallen from somewhere above?
Slowly, carefully I got to my feet. I could feel no pain in my body, the absurd amount of moss, now below my feet, seemed to have broken my fall.
By now my eyesight had adjusted better to the darkness that seemed to engulf this place, so I quickly turned my attention to my surroundings.
The small room was not much to speak of. nothing but moss; moss on the floor, moss on the walls, layer upon layer of moss.
This place must have been sealed off for a very long time, without a single creature setting foot within it.
The overpowering smell that came from every inch of the room was starting to get to me, so I quickly headed to the arch shaped exit and the eerie glow that I could make out not far beyond the open door.

The hallway, that I entered, was even stranger than the room that had proceeded it.
For one thing, the hall seemed to be oddly large, both in length and width.
the second unusual thing about this room was the pale light that illuminated the path. This light came from three large tubes that lined the hall on both sides, all the way down. Upon closer inspection the tubes contained a large amount of small illuminous worms.
I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not still asleep. Could these strange glowing bugs be real? Or was this merely the smell of rot and moss causing me to hallucinate.
There must be better way of lighting the hallway then confining insects in such a way.
Stepping into the light beyond the doorway I noticed, for the first time the third thing that confused me about this room, that the width of the room was only half of what it appeared because the walls of the lengthy hall where lined with mirrors.
It also became apparent that there where only two tubes of worms, the others where nothing but illusions of the reflection.
I watched my own reflections. A seemingly eternal number of myself followed me as I walked down the hall.
It was almost as if it was mocking me, if I didn't know any better I would have believed that the image I saw of myself in these mirrors was in fact not me at all.
I decided that this must have all been due to the uncertain lighting.

I exited the hall quickly, I felt a shiver down my spine as I looked back to what now should have been a very empty hall, but even though I was now out of the mirrors' sight the reflections still remained.
No this must have just been my imagination, or perhaps there where other hidden mirrors that where meant to create this effect.
I had become rather uncomfortable with what may or may not have been behind me, so I moved my attention to the next room, and put it out of my head.

In the next room I discovered three doors.
The door to the left was tiny, it was only a little bigger than my hand.
The door to the right was so large, even if I jumped it was doubtful that I could reach the handle, let alone turn it.
The center door was of a normal size.
The doors reminded me of something from the past, my memory was a little hazy i just couldn't put my finger on the source, it was a feeling similar to dejavu.
This nostalgic feeling caused me to wonder what was beyond the two doors which I could not enter. Perhaps some strange world of giants or a settlement of tiny people.
No, I broke away from my wild imagination, I am no longer a child who believes such tales of magic and dreams.
All three doors where on the same wall, so logic dictates that they should all lead to the same destination.
But then why are three doors required? And why the difference in sizes?
No creature but humans have any real use for doors such as these, or that is what I believed.
Having three doors on one wall, it could only be called illogical. But had anything that I'd experienced in this place so far be considered completely logical?
I decided not to waste any more time pondering the doors so I went through the middle door...

To Be Continued...

(What do you think?
For those who are confused, this is a story I decided to write one night/morning (it was like 4am). Its based on the writing style of Alice in Wonderland (1st person is not my normal style so its not perfect...). The beginning is also based on Alice in wonderland, although latter on I have the feeling that it'll become more like Never Never Land from Peter Pan (cuz I want pirates!).
If you find any spelling errors or you don't understand a part of this story leave a comment or PM me, (I like feedback too.), I edited this from my original notes but there may still be errors... (I hope there aren't many, I will fix anything I notice or that I am informed about.)
Please tell me what you think! Please comment! Thanks for reading! (and if you didn't actually read it all, thanks for trying...).
See you next time (or so I hope)!)

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Community Member

Sun Aug 31, 2008 @ 10:47am

stressed I wanna see what happens next! And what does the character look like? I hope you write more soon!!!

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