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Don't get lost. It's a strange world out there.

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Y'know, Gaia sucks.
Gaia doesn't suck, I'm lieing. I used to be addicted to Gaia, and I sort of still am. I barely post anymore, and nobody knows who I am. All of my friends are gone, and things just aren't the way they used to be. I feel emo posting this, but oh well. I wish something good would happen to me on Gaia already.

It's been forever since I've had any decent items. What I do have are a bunch of sh*t items, and it sucks. My own brother won't donate me some gold to go out and buy a new outfit. This really sucks. I had 100k, and I donated to a friend's quest. I felt generous, but I should've known that afterwards I wouldn't have any gold left. I've been so generous to so many people it makes me sad to think that karma isn't on my side. I've donated to people I don't know, and all I get is some sh*tty feeling inside that tells me "Good job, Steven!" I'm tired of it. I just want to get some gold, or some rare item that I can have so that if I ever need gold, or something to go with an outfit, I can easily use it.

I'm not known in the GD anymore. All of the old regulars are gone, leaving me this bullsh*t pile of crap. GD was always a sh*t-hole, it's just worse now. Driving even Zahir, the creator of the Infodump, to have a hiatus on being a mod. I can't stand it anymore. What the hell is wrong with this damn place?

Nice guys finish last. What? Did I miss something here? I'm sorry for being nice, I guess. I should've established that I was a mean, obnoxious asshole like everyone else on Gaia before I thought that the more people I was nice to, the more I would be known. I want to be popular, and I want so many people to recognize me everytime I come into a thread. I want to be able to acquire a Devil Tail within 6 days, I want to have a quest where when people see it, they just don't ignore it. I want to be loved by everyone.

I have very few enemies. Moriquendi, Troggard, and Angelyc are the only ones that I can recall. Moriquendi because I lost her Angelic Sash, Troggard because he thinks I hacked one of his accounts, and Angelyc because his girlfriend through herself all over me. You know what? I'm tired of it. It's the internet. They shouldn't hold grudges over pixels. Pixels that they don't deserve in the least bit anyways.

Out of those three people, Moriquendi is the person that I would have to give an exception to, though. She didn't deserve to lose her Sash, and it was my fault that I let a friend "borrow" it, which she ended up hacking me. I'm truly sorry, and I wish I could still talk to her like I used to, but I guess not.

Troggard and Angelyc can go f*ck themselves. I don't care about their petty little problems anymore. Angelyc is nothing but a crybaby, just like Troggard. Angelyc only cares about material possession, and nothing else. Troggard, too. Nobody likes either of them, and I especially hate them. Troggard used to be a good friend, until he accused me of stealing his stuff. What the hell? I stood by that guy through thick and thin, and he treats me like this. What a f*cker. He has some nerve, you know.

Oh well, Gaia isn't my problem, really. It's just the fact that I must be everyone's b*tch. I try to be nice, I try to be kind, but sometimes I just feel like stabbing everyone through their heart and telling them they can f*cking die. I could really do it, too. That's how f*cking sick in the head I really am, because the majority of these f*ckers drive me to it. It's become so bad that I can't have a sentence without the word "f*ck" being in it. Well, f*ck f*ckity f*ck f*ck f*ck. I hope things get better.


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comment Commented on: Tue Jul 05, 2005 @ 08:50am

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