So New Years has come and gone, and I must say, it was a very enjoyable New Years. Perhaps the best one I've ever had. ^^

At first I went swimming with Ricky and Sheldon at YMCA for the Free-Swim, then me and Ricky went back to my house and had pizza, then we watched Pirates of the Carribean 1 and 3. ( we skipped 2 because we both seen it and didn't feel like watching it I guess? XD )

Originally he was going to go home the day after, but he ended up staying because by the time he called, it was too late for him to get a ride. Then the next day we ended up being dragged to the mall by Azzy and Co. and afterwards we all ended up sleeping at Christie's, where I mostly watched Resident Evil 4.

The next day I headed out for Chloe's, and Ricky needed to take the bus, but he had no money for it so I was gonna lend him some, but I only had my money and a bill which I needed to break, so I intended to buy some at the terminal store, but it was closed. >_< So we ended up trying to find a Mac's, which I underestimated of the distance from where we were... so we walked from Algonquin to the highway bridge, and at that point I just gave Ricky my own money and walked to Chloe's from there. It was cold. xD

Anyways Marc just got here, so I'll wrap this up. Chloe's was fun, we talked, I ate coconut cookies and got a stomach-ache, we watched Kannazuki no Miko, and I got to borrow The Zombie Survival Guide. Hell yes.

Well, sayonara for now. heart