This isnt my own poem.I took the words from the songs Lost, It's Your Love, The Way You Love Me, This Kiss, and Breathe.Hope you like it

can you feel the magic floating in the air
my heart races so fast
Is it obvious to you
I need you
it's your love
I always wanna stay
you got me like a rocket
this kiss
sends a shock right through me
you know what it is that won't let me go
the way you love me
Its impossible
kiss me in the moonlight
i'm melting into you
Caught up in the
the way you love me
You got me floating
how lucky I am
You found me
I'm lost inside your stare
i've never been this swept away
the spell I'm under
it's your love
you're driving me crazy
that pivotal moment
Its criminal
I'm lost
in your arms
middle of the night
your loves a beautiful thing
it sends a shock right through me
You're the million reasons why
I can't get enough
I can't believe we've come this far
Kiss me in sweet slow motion
This kiss
just does something to me
its perpetual bliss
its unthinkable
Hope it never goes away
I wanna stay lost forever with you