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4got10Angl's Journal
Stories...poems...writings...but all me (leave comments please! I enjoy 'constructive' criticism!)
Dark Pleasures 9
Chapter 9:
A Second Encounter

The look upon Raychel’s face, as she turned around, was precious; a mixture of surprise, intrigue, and ramp fascination all mingled into one. I simply smiled politely at her, “I do hope I haven’t frightened you?” I said to her cut off silence. Taking her warm hand, I bowed and kissed the top of it. She smiled at me, a blush tinting her pale cheeks.

“Not at all, I just didn’t expect someone like you to be here” she said with a laugh. A naive individual, but she was still young. She would have many years to learn, however, when I was through with her. My heart beat fast for the small amount of actual blood running through it. My lips curled into a charming smile to match hers.

“I am just as wealthy as the next. I have my share of money and power, if not here in other…areas.” She batted her eyelashes at me, as she finally withdrew her hand.

“Your hands are so cold!” she exclaimed (took her a while to realize this fact...and me some to remember the fact that I tended to be a corpses temperature until I feed...but that aside...) I cleared my throat some and ran my hand through my hair, which was left loose at this time. I wore my favorite dress attire: A white shirt with decorative ruffles on at the wrist and breast, A black coat, crimson waist coat, and black breeches to finish my formal dress wear. I was every bit the part of a well to do man. I even sported a wig, which seemed to add to the classical charm, since the wig was slowly fading out of existance as well. (such was fashion trends, however...a new century was starting to emerge the 18th century would be no more...) I put a smile on once more as I replied, “You simply take the life right out of me,” I smoothly replied. This brought a momentary smile to her face again as she laughed.

“Ah, you jest!” she said nodded as someone acknowledged her from afar. She took a sip of her wine, which I noticed she was carefully nursing. At least she knew that she tended to be a “loose cannon” when she did drink. I almost laughed, but managed to hold it in behind my seductive smile. A slow tune began to play in the background as people started to settle down. She blinked some as if expecting someone to ask her. I took this as my opportunity.

“My lady, if I may?” I said with a bow as I offered my hand to her. She seemed flattered enough. She must have seen the other women eyeing me, as I did hold quite a ‘charm’ for them. She curtseyed and took my hand, “The pleasure is mine,” she replied with an extra lilt to her voice. Straightening myself, I lead her to the dance floor and took her by the waist as we began to dance. It was a simple dance, one I had learned when I was just a young boy, it surprised me that they still played music like this, as fast as the world was moving, but it was nice to know some of the old ways hadn’t been completely eradicated just yet. I knew in due time this too would fade, but for now it was a luxury I was going to enjoy.

She seemed surprised at the finesse I had on the dance floor, but it only seemed to draw her in more. As we danced, I couldn’t help but take in her sweet fragrance. It wasn’t just the perfume she wore, no; it was the scent of her blood. Fresh. Youthful. Full of such potential! It was invigorating to be so close, yet I knew I was still so far from my actual goal. Having to earn her trust was my first small goal in the big picture. I had a good grasp on it, but I had to seal the deal, and with her two lovers prancing around, I had to be careful.

“You dance so gracefully, I do not think I’ve had such a dance partner in ages!” Raychel exclaimed happily as we glided across the dance floor. We were now the only two on the floor, as everyone wanted to stop and watch our artful dancing. I only smiled.

“Comes from years of practice, some say I was simply born with the talent,” I replied to her compliment, “I think having you as a partner is a great advantage as well. How much a fool I would look with anyone else, but you,” I whispered in her ear, causing her to blush once more. She giggled as the music continued with quickening pace. We were almost flying across the dance floor until the last note rang out and I ended with a low dip. I held her with one strong arm, the other women crooning as they watched, wishing they could be her. Gazing into her eyes, I knew I’d sealed the deal with earning her trust.


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