Where does all that tea keep vanishing too.....

Adolesence is a scary part of life
The trasition to adult hood from childhood
We need lots of security

Then again we always do
because were always mortals
with delicate emotions

Living wares us out day in and day out
ecspecially during holidays or special occasions
We cram ourselves with expectations
leaving no room to relax or breathe

The world now has buried all fufilling simplicity with the need to finish and satisfy things in a matter of minutes

Holidays used to be peaceful and a time for bonding with family friends and lovers
it wasnt so comercial

The warmth and presence and knowing were loved wanted and needed even though were full of imperfections
The feeling of being complete and content in the moment

If one really planned and organized and finshed off paper work those moments can still be had

All this stress and misunderstanding comes from poor comunication most of the time it always does

Material things dont matter in the end
Its the thought that counts the time shared and memories made

In the end worldly things turn to dust
and all thats left are simple memories

we all need a break sometimes to get away and sort things out
no one is perfect its expected from being mortal

Try not to be too expectant on yourself
your only human your no superman
even superman needed a weekend to cool off

Words are not needed when the heartfelt message of it flows through
actions speak louder then words tis quality and sinceirity that count not quanity