Its on quite mornings when all alone with the radio turned on low and the feeling of unsatisfaction and that damned disapointment with ones self ....let me try that again

Days when one is by themselves with nothing but thoughts floating around with soft lyrics from the radio in the background is when we learn about our selves or dare to reveal ourselves

lolz my poor journal has to caring the burdens of my babblings all by itself
dont worry dear journal who ever reads this can sympathize with you

ive forgotten what i was going to orignally write so i'll spout on about my discoveries of myself

I seriously think theres something up with my brain i think i might be bi polar

I guess i never learned how to deal with myself so i ignored or drowned myself in video games and music after that i made my own little world in my head to get away from it all Lately ive been adding bits of reality to it so that could be why im out of sync more the usual

The world and my age are telling me that id better suck it up and take bitter truth and reality like a man

Me being me i still run away from it instead of getting it over with
Im the lazy selfish type im content with dreams and temperary peace
Others more intelligent or less ignorant then i would go out and make that dream real

I have a poor memory because i made it selective like my hearing

Yep anyone who reads this will give me a good bashing or leave me to wallow and think about my actions a little longer knowing that im going to be severely punished or grow a back bone and be mature

I make up excuses by the ton mainly to test your patience
Childish yes i know being so arrogent wasting others time money and breath for attention

I say that i know but do i really? If i really did know would i still continue this foolishness? I guess if i did i wouldnt

I am a weird one
I like fire but im a fish
Yes im gullible and easily influenced
but in a sense its really my choice to be so
yep im no good at talking or expressing what i want or need

Sometimes i think too much and go crazy in circles that always point that its me that is and has the problem not the world

That is quite true
Truth and me never really get along

Actions speak louder then words
When i talk nothing but junk comes out cuz id rather bury myself in a book and i know my speech and knowledgeable skills are out of practice
My actions blare out that im a hopeless a** hole and a hobo that should get a job

I see why no one really notices the subconsious people who know how to be one with nature, intution, mind body soul and be at peace

Me being born under the sign of one (yah like i said gullible) pisces im giving a poor representation for them

All this tea is getting to me i cant shut up

what was i going to say next...

Why does the tea have to dissapear so fast....

In my heart of hearts i want to be responsible strong caring and the person my dog thinks i am lolz

I tend to drive everyone around me to the end of thier ropes and make them lose all patience and composure

Im growing tired of myself as well
Im going in circles ovals and zig zags that are all stuck in a loop

Ive lost my train of thought i'll add more later

I am such a wimp