My oldest pitbull dog past away a little after 8:00 pm (eastern) crying His name was Bear and my family had him since I was in elmentary school. He was the house dog as well as the father to all the dogs we have now. He has been sick for a while so we knew his time was near the end. I'm just glad that it didnt happen on Friday cause no one is barely home cause we are out getting food and paying bills and my dad would be at work. My dad and I dug a grave for him by the house, my bother and my mom were too upset. It didnt affect me that badly until I went into my brother's room (that's where he died) and when I saw him laying there I just broke down into tears. cry After he was buried, I bought in Sally, the 2nd oldest dog (not as old as Bear, about 3 years more or less younger) plus mother to the other dogs. Now I have 5 dogs: 4 outside dogs and 1 house dog (2 males and 3 females). I'm not too upset anymore cause I knew it was old age that took Bear away and that he want peacefully also that I know that he is with the other dogs that we had have over the years.