So today was Christmas. =D Pretty exciting amirite? Well, no, not exactly. ]: I got a really cool Sanza Mp3 player thingy, but that's pretty much the only thing I'm happy with besides the perfumes. I only got clothes besides that, and by clothes I mean a bunch of sweaters that all look vaguely similar. I did get a gift card though, yay! (Btw, I know I'm sounding like a spoiled brat. T__T I'm really okay with everything, honestly! I was maybe only a tad disappointed... )

I'm totally gonna use it to buy Eternal Sonata, even if my brother will probably next to never let me play it. Oh well, I won't let that stop me.

So right now my family is over, and we're all gonna have Christmas dinner together, but I'm just being really bored because I'm not much of a family-social person. Or social at all, come to think of it. =| So I'm counting away the hours until the day is over and then hopefully tomorrow, or any other day for that matter, will be filled with lots of fun and joyous things.

I has a Christmas wissshhh~ But it's a secret. But it's nothing impossible at all. Oh no, it's actually a pretty simple wish, but that's the thing that would make my holidays. So I'm dearly hoping that it comes true. ^^ -solame-

So Merry Christmas one and all, have a very good one~!! heart