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it's time to be a big girl now... and big girls don't cry....
tefa: auuuuu my belly crying imi worked so hard to sue me!! crying

imi: (that suddenly pop out) domokun ehhhhhh OMG I need to breath...

public_enemy: eek WTF it was for real!! u relly got imi inside

imi: sweatdrop aww don't cry tefa, I'll sue u again... BUT DON'T EAT ME AGAIN!! scream

tefa: cry ok.. ok never again

public_enemy: hey imi! how could u betrayed us!!! u say I was your favority child!!! crying

imi: I know little fella.. but u know, some times a nanny gotta do what a nanny gotta do surprised

public_enemy: neutral and that will be...?

imi: sweatdrop ammm well amm emm

imi picks crying tefa open a black umbrela and flies away

imi: blaugh bye bye litle fella bye bye!! b a good child u don't need me anymore!!

public_enemy: nooouuuuuuuuu nannyyyyyyy

suddenlly the wind hit tefa and imi

tefa and imi: waaaaa gonk

public_enemy: nannyyyyyyy blaugh

public_enemy runs to imi and catch her in the air

public_enemy hugs ( asphyxiate) imi

public_enemy: aww nanny I misssss uuu sooooo ,uchhh

imi: hey big boy come on relise!! relise mad hey eek and tefa??

tefa was folling to death until a cute kitty catch her

tefa: aww sad what happen

soul_yuki: tefa!! 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding mew mew mew

tefa: yuki!!! awww little kitty whats up I missed u sooo much! whee

soul_yuki: ammm not much just a few kittygirlfriends xp

tefa: mad yuki what did we talk about fidelity

soul_yuki: amm amm sweatdrop is immportant couse u don´t get SIDA 3nodding

tefa: sweatdrop ammm yea... kind of.. but how did u get here!!

soul_yuki: aww tefa when I heard what happen to u I run here to help u!! emo

tefa: awww thank u!! but WAIT!! WHERE IS IMI?? eek

soul_yuki_ ammm confused can u see those bulks over there??

tefa: ye.. yes... confused

soul_yuki: well those are public_enemy and imi 4laugh

tefa: burning_eyes WTF yuki we gotta save her!!!

soul_yuki: no tefa, cry I'm afraid is to late

tefa: eek WTF are u talking about imi is still fighting 4 her life no wait!! he is taking her away!!! NOOOOO gonk

soul_yuki: cry come on tefa lets go...

tefa: crying ok.. oo imi... my friend... crying

yuki cary tefa on his back couse she was cut almostin 2 XD

tefa: amm yuki.. where are we going again??

soul_yuki: where the wind says tefa tefa where the winds says cool

tefa: u are not serius right? eek

soul_yuki: naaa but I always wanted to say that xp we are going to santa's house!! 4laugh

tefa: a??

suddenly a big big house with many many little green things going aroud appear.

soul_yuki: here we are


tefa: santa??? eek

angel: jo jo jo me and the only one!!

tefa: burning_eyes angel!!??? why the hell are u in santa's house and... wait WHAT HAVE U DONE TO SANTA eek

ok, ok, enough for 1 night XD tomorrow will b chapter 4, now we need janez to tell as what is going on in soohe's base and if they have new allyes , etc.... sooo WTF happened to imi?? why is angel santa clous?? and what has he done with the real one!!?? eek

I had tear out my heart and put a clock instead... now I'll wait.
tefa tefa
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  • User Comments: [6]
    Community Member

    Sun Dec 23, 2007 @ 02:20am

    hahaha! now that was pretty funny!
    yeah! first comment!... so i took imi away?
    and angel's the new santa! i hope you have some more when i come back xd
    oh yeah, where am i taking her anyways?
    oh, and one more thing, who's team am i on? confused
    can you just tell me?

    Community Member

    Sun Dec 23, 2007 @ 02:32am

    rofl rofl rofl why the hell am I Santa XD so I'm his replacement cool lol
    cant wait for chapter 4 ^^ ... and wait did i do something bad to santa? OMG eek I hope havent done anything wrong I dont want to be in the naughty list eek xp

    User Image
    User Image
    Community Member

    Sun Dec 23, 2007 @ 02:35am

    hahahahaha!!! a black umbrella? hahahaha!! and i escaped with public_enemy? hahahaha!! that was way too good tefa, you really surprised me, hey hey maybe i can change our fella's mind and turn him to the bright side ^^-
    hmmmm..... what will happen now that tefa and yuki are alone? ¬¬ and mr romantic santa? hahaha i'm gonna ask him for gifts XP

    Community Member

    Sun Dec 23, 2007 @ 02:43am

    hey it's pretty funny can't wait for the rest blaugh

    Janez 21
    Community Member

    Mon Dec 24, 2007 @ 01:46am

    Meanwhile in Sohee's base

    Janez: Sohee, the orphan thingies are pissing me off , I mean, it's not my falut they parents dont like them, maybe it's because they are ugly evil
    Sohee: Oh, I soo get u, they are annoying stare
    Janez: Yep, and I seriously think that Mr.Raccon is some kind of ***** man mad
    Sohee: Yep, sooo true confused

    Janez stares at the window while he think of how much he hates the orphans
    Suddenly an umbrella-shaped light appears on the sky

    Janez: eek Oh my!! Sohee, it's the umbrella signal!! That means... eek
    Sohee: That one of the servants of the secret base helped a prisioner to escape and now one of our other servants captured the first one and the escaped prisioner is running away with a kitten!!! surprised
    Janez: Right! razz so that means Public_enemy captured Imi and tefa runned away
    Sohee: Sure, I'll contact him on the walkie-talkie and tell him to bring that betrayer right now!
    Janez: Oh... she will pay.. twisted
    Sohee: How can we punish her? confused
    Janez: Maybe we can...
    Sohee: yes, we got to...
    Janez and Sohee together: twisted Test the ULTIMATE RAG-DOLL MACHINE on her!! twisted
    Janez: Now, as we paracticed!
    Janez and Sohee: Muahahahahahajajakaka twisted twisted
    Sohee: How was I? 3nodding 4laugh
    Janez: Pretty good blaugh but u need more practice...

    -Will Imi escape from her horrible fate?
    -Will Sohee improve her diabolic laugh?
    -Will Public_enemy communicate with the walkie.talkie instead of using long-meaning light siganls?

    Find out on the next meanwhile!

    Community Member

    Mon Dec 24, 2007 @ 02:01am


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    User Image
    User Comments: [6]
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