Well my new computer came in yesterday mourning. Now that everything is ready and set up I am looking at in a critical eye at it compared to my old one. The old was HP Emachine that I got from Walmart for $500.00 at the time. Lasted around 7 years. It was the old big moniter type and bulky type. This new one is a Dell from Dell with XP on it that costed $799.00 at first but with adding Windows XP by them, it sky rocketed to $1,300.00 bucks for the regular Dell version. I could of got a black Dell XMP for less then that.... But at least this thing works. Its as slow as my old computer was on dial-up now with aol 9.0 opitmized since I been using aol 6.0 for 7 years on the old computer and I find 6.0 much better then 9.0. The only thing that this computer has going for it to me is I now can see color on it in bright as my color crystal on my old moniter had nearly died and broke and all I was seeing was darker and darker colors. And this one don't knock me off every 5 minutes of aol which is a plus... Well to say the least I am not impressed with this piece of crud at the least.