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The Serpent Guard Common
Admoveo infraterra! Welcome to a world of vampires, forbidden love, secrets, and wishes fulfilled...
Welcome and What is the SGC?
The SGC aka the Serpent Guard Common Room

Also known as the secret passage behind the mirror on the fourth floor. Harry, Draco, Fred, and George cleared it out during the second half of Harry’s third year. Since then, it has been the meeting place of the Serpent Guard. There are two parts to the room: a large cavern and the tunnel the leads to Hogsmeade.

The cavern is directly behind the mirror. It appears to be much like a common room (hence, the name). Oliver Wood transfigured part of one wall to be a fireplace, and several boulders have been transfigured into chairs and sofas to surround it. One the other side of the cavern is a bed, also transfigured from boulders. Nearby in the wall is an secondary entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. The cavern is often decorated for holidays, usually quite extravagantly.

Leading off from the cavern is the tunnel to Hogsmeade. The Weasley twins transfigured rocks in the walls along the way into light so the tunnel is brightly lit. It leads to the basement of Zonko’s Joke Shop.

As of summer 1997, there is also a Vanishing Cabinet in the SGC. This Vanish Cabinet connects to one in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.

The Serpent Guard (club)

A secret club similar to Dumbledore’s Army, started by Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Fred and George Weasley. The club was characterized by being open to any student willing to accept the other members of the club. In fifth year, after the formation of the DA, the SG started to head in a similar direction except that the spells being learned were far more advanced.

The SG was formed in the spring of 1994 and disbanded during the 1996-97 school year.

Former members:
Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Lee Jordan
Oliver Wood
Aaron Eaglesight
Cedric Diggory (deceased)
Angelo Haemon
Blaise Zabini
Kiran Erebos
Seamus Finnigan
Dominique Adrasteia
Gabrielle Cian
Luna Lovegood
Neville Longbottom

The Serpent Guard (alliance)

Formed out of the ashes of the Serpent Guard club. First introduced during the summer between years five and six; Angelo contacted several of his old donors with the proposal of allying with Harry. The name was not used in conjunction with the alliance until the Christmas party of year six when Sanguini allied with Harry.

As of August 9, 1997, the members number in the hundreds. Most are vampires. The Order of the Phoenix has been assimilated into the Serpent Guard as well.

So now I know what it is. What's the big deal?

I'm an author, plain and simple. I write a lot of fanfiction, mostly Harry Potter and Yugioh. I'm also working on the first of an original novel series.

The SGC is going to one of my places to give news on the status of my fanfics and books (along with 2-3 other sites). I'll also put up blurbs of thoughts about life, and maybe some fiction.

So if you're a fan of my writing, make sure to check back here for updates! Also, please check out:

My MySpace (headquarters):
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My forum:
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My FictionPress account:
Aislynn Chandra

The fic that started it all (currently uncompleted on Gaia):
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