Hiiii heart It's like.... 2 in the morning on a school day! Ahahahhaa. I'm not much tired either. I should be in bed, but who needs bed amirite? Bed is for suckaz. =|

Yeah, so today was a snow day. I knew it'd be, so I just waited until my mom came into my room and was all, "it's a snow day" so then I could fall blissfully back to sleep until like 11:30 then I woke up and went on the computer and talked to Ricky, who I was supposed to help level in Flyff but I had to go make cookies for Marc for his Christmas gift. It took roughly 2 hours because rolling little balls takes forever. They are sugar cookies laden in cinnamon, because that seems to be my favourite type to make.

So then I finally came back, but no one wanted to play Flyff anymore because apparently Bleach kicks a**. Well you know what? All of you can go play in Bleach. O:< You guys know who you are. !!!!!!!!! Oh well, like that Bleach if you want, someday I'll probably like it because it'll be hard to avoid if my best friends only love it to death. Pssshhh.

But yeah, I could of went on with Tyler, but I was being severely lazy, as I often am, so I just listened to music and browsed s**t per usual. I love webcomics, don't you? I keep up with at least a million. ( well okay, more like 5. and they're all video-game related. )



Stupid computer consuming my life. I wish I was moar social sometimes.

So. I'm possibly so tired that I'm not tired, because I'm really hyper despite the fact that it's 2 in the morning and I SHOULD be feeling like s**t because of numerous things in my life. But I have good friends who are there to support me and keep me cheerful and better then if I was alone. I love them.

You know, I haven't been keeping up with this journal. I've really done alot moar stuff then I put down, but I'm a very lazy person kekekekek~ yet the urge to write strikes me at the strangest times. Like now. At this time I should be in bed. With that damn ghost I guess.

You know there's a ghost in my house? Yeah, I've known forever for my whole life, because I always see that damn thing, taunting me and showing up and hanging around me room and scaring me. But finally my brother and my dad saw it and they were like, "HOLY CRAP." and of course they saw it around my room, because that's the ghost's hangout obviously. My friggin room Or at least outside it. In it too though apparently. I won't lie, I've seen some mighty strange things in that wretched evil hallway with that blasted mirror I won't dare look into in the dead of night.

Yeah, that might be part of why I don't want to go to bed. The other part is my head running off all the inescapable horrid details of my life, that wouldn't be -so- bad if a few more conditions were only thrown in. Alas, it is not so, so I shall suffer or it will pass, we shall see.

IN THE MEANTIME I WILL LIVE ON AND MY ATTITUDE WILL LIVE ON CHEERFULLY EXCEPT FOR THOSE WEAK MOMENTS I SUPPOSE? I'll just blame it on Hitler-with-a-blindfold-holding-an-apple-that-has-Naruto-whiskers-and-an-orange-jumpsuit-and-a-witch-hat.
^^^ Only Azzy will get that one.

Damn Nazi crabs. really.

I also blame them for not getting a level on Chasia today. 80%!!!! 80%!!!! 80%~~~~!!!! one more level and I can wear the blue armour!!! and no, that's NOT all that I care about. -__-

Well I guess I'll go to bed now. ]: I know I said bed is for suckaz, but I'll regret staying up so late in the morning. Excuse me if I faint at school tomorrow, I know it'll be my fault. ( i won't really faint ) Hope Marc likes yon cookies. I hope everyone likes their gift. Oh yeah, I probably should of totally wrote about Friday Christmas Shopping with Azzy, Brandon, and Steve, but I'm lazy and well you can just assume we had a super-chocolately-fun-coated time.

btw, I can't believe I never told you I miss you. I miss you all the time.

I love Junior, and now I will go hold him.

Goodnight lovely friends~ heart