The Bee Movie game is nothing more than an average movie game. The one we all expect. From the small sample I have played, which involved hitting arrow keys at the right time and repeatedly tapping numbers, it’s nothing more than simple and childish. Well, it IS based on a children’s film. I would have thought it would make more money if the makers had put some thought into including a few elements of skill into the game. The chase after the honey truck, which was the only section featured in the demo was extremely repetitive, forcing the player to view the same cutscene over, and over again. Not being too good at the button-pressing, I had to endure the same old man crossing the road again and again. And the close-up of the guy’s feet…is that really necessary? It’s not essential to the scene, AND it gives the players chance to reflect on exactly how bad the graphics really are. The only thing I truly enjoyed about the game was watching the main character fail at making a catapult and hitting the side of the truck with a satisfying ‘clunk’.
Variety in the game differs from using the same buttons to escape from a fan, on two occasions, and using the worst Indiana Jones scene rip-off I ever saw. Hit the button repeatedly to escape a ball because that guy from the road-crossing cutscene wants to play bowls. Couldn’t the bee just kind of fly away? Why does he find it essential to run?
I regretted waiting twenty minutes for the demo to download the minute I started the game. If you have £20 spare, spend it on something you’ll enjoy.

Coming tomorrow: Universe at War: Earth Assault