These Characters are for The Destiny Unraveling Roleplay, We still need more people to join if anyone is interested.

Name: Mystearica Jullianna Liirian
Age: 20
Race: Human
Appearance: User Image
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light Blue
Personality: Myst is a very sweet and loving Queen, she is tough when she needs to be but she cares deeply for everyone.
Bio: When Myst was a little girl she had to learn hard to be a future queen but her parents also made sure she was able to be a child as well. Myst had a very good relationship with both of her parents, she loved them deeply and it hurt when she lost them at the age of 15.
Kingdom: Liirian
Position: Queen

Name: Gwenyth Shailene Bellandran
Age: 12 1/2
Race: Human/Elf
Appearance: User Image
Hair: Dark Brownish-red
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Gwenyth is a sweet and fun loving child who loves adventures. She can be a little stubborn at times which more often then not can lead her into trouble. She is a smart child that loves to find answers to things.
Bio: Gwenyth was born in Bellandran to the king and queen. She has a little niece that she loves very much. While she was outside one summer day she was kidnapped by a women that lost her own child and wanted Gwen to be her little girl. Gwen is lost and trying to find a way back home. At one point she fell into a hole that was meant for something and got her leg bruised up really bad and she has scratches on her face and arms. After she woke up from falling she couldn't remember anything about her past.
Kingdom: Bellandra
Position: Princess

Name: Aureliana Cassielle Zeiros
Age: 14
Race: Fairy/Human
Appearance: User Image
Personality: She has a fiery attitude. She can be sweet as candy but at other times she can be a little sassy and spunky, which has gotten her into trouble many times. She will always try to protect her family and friends.
Bio: She was kidnapped when she was six years old and ever since then she has been caring for herself by stealing and searching for her family. She learned after she escaped the kidnappers that she would have to take care of herself so she steals to survive.
Kingdom: Belleteria
Position: Wanderer and Thief