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Umikoe's Journal
I just need a place to talk about personal things and get them out of my system...
Reply to Konai's "Friend" poem
"Hey there all, sorry I haven't been on lately.. Kinda got banned at school.. This place, eheh.. ^^;; Anyways, my good friend Konai here is kind enough to let me get online her school-provided lap-top, ironic, eh? Well, I read her poem, and I would lik to make a reply.

*bows to all in deep respect*

"Thank you so much for your time!"

Friends in Life

My friends are all here,
and yet so far away.
I like to think them in my reach,
but will they all stay?

We've gotten into fights,
hell, we've gone all the way.
They all say they like me,
but what can I say?

I'm rude,
I'm crude,
I'm polite and descreit.
But they all stay by my side.

I'm not that smart,
and I like to read.
I talk to myself,
and all of my imaginary friends.

I like to write,
draw, and be a good friend.
This is me in a nutshell,
The person that I am.

Despite all of my imperfection,
you've all stuck by my side.
Though I can't let my pride get in the way of this,
I won't let this stand.

I want to stay friends with Konai,
no matter what you say.
I am my own person,
and that's the way it'll stay.

"I hope that you all don't get too angry with me,
I don't want to be there alone,
Konai's like my sis.
She pisses me off sometimes,
but that's just a friendly bond of sisterhood.

*Konai has toasted I, that she has!*

"I feel so loved!"

*Annoying voice of squeaker*

"You have'ta liiike us,
You have'ta looove us!"

((Not really, j/k))

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  • User Comments: [3]
    They have to LIIIKE us, they have to LOOOVE us.

    Amen Tsuk, and I did indeed toast you, since I watched you write this. Think I'll leave you alone while you are on gaia with my laptop...much...and sorry for kicking you sis. I was asleep so I have only your word, but still...

    However, I must say I am kind of grateful to all of you out there, oh ex-friends with whom I still wish to be friends with, for if you had not done as you did I would not be as active as I am on this site, or on some others, and I would not have the friends I do.

    No I am not kidding, joking, lying, or in any other way not telling you the truth. So thanks. If not for that I wouldn't have the 14 friends that I do on here.

    Also, I would not belong to the five or so other guilds, and the 6-8 rp's outside of said guilds that I participate in. So, cha. I do wish to be friends with all of you still though, and I want you to know I hold no ill will towards you.

    Thus I hope to at least attempt to build a bridge between us, but I want you to know: I will be extremely hurt if you refuse, but I will have friends other than you, though not many in real life. Although you forced me to get active offline and now have six or seven other friends at my school. But I will still hold you dear to my heart, and can only presume I always will. I do want to be friends but...this is getting repetitive, so let me only say this: I want to be friends again, but if you don't I will understand and respect your wishes, as I have respected them thus far, not contacting you directly, through PMing you, or calling you. This can be considered direct contact, but from here on I will not post anything directly to you...probably. If I do you can always ignore it, as you might be ignoring this post.


    comment Konai_Neto · Community Member · Thu Jul 07, 2005 @ 03:02am
    "I'll always love ya like a sis, you know that."


    comment Umikoe · Community Member · Fri Jan 06, 2006 @ 04:28am
    Well, it's been over a year since you posted this, Tsuki, but I don't think you much go here anymore. If I can, I'll let you get on next time I come over. Jeez, a year. Well, thing's are much better. I have more friends than I did, and I have my love. So I have this to say.
    Thank you, all of you.
    Thank you, Lee and S...and Sar, to. If you didn't do as you had I'd not be here now.
    Thank you Tsuki, for being my sis and staying by me always. I love you, girl. I hope you stay the kind, loving, generous young woman you are now. BFF, you ken? I must get off now, so I'll try to post more later. Adios!

    comment Konai_Neto · Community Member · Sun Jul 30, 2006 @ 03:44am
    User Comments: [3]

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