Chapter 2 : “The Ones That I Can Trust”

Caroline, Mj, Mark, abd Keith’s friendship is very strong. The bond between this four is so strong that even death can’t keep them apart. But a year ago, they weren’t like this, more precisely they didn’t even have an idea that each of them existed. Each one of them had their own agenda. Caroline then was always, very bright and cheerful. Keith was just an ordinary student who thinks that life is boring. Mark was a member of the judo club although he was just only a punching bag to their upperclassmen. And Mj was the opposite of what he was today, he was a delinquent and a really tough one to beat. But all this was bound to change cause fate has some things in store for them. This is where our story continues…………

??? : Oh Mj, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for
Mj : What is it that you want this time?!
??? : Nothing much, I just want you to get someone for me!
Mj : Who is it that you want?!
??? : Uhm, let me see. Ah yes, I would like you to fetch
your little president for me!
Mj : Like hell I will! Didn’t I told you that I don’t do
Things like that!
??? : What’s with the attitude, Mj?! You know that you
have to obey me or you’re the one who’s gonna get it
Mj : And who said that if I joined your group that I will
Have to obey orders, huh?! Are you an idiot?!
??? : Well, well ,well you really are hyper today aren’t
Mj : So what if I am?? Do you have any problem with that?
??? : I really can’t do anything about it. It’s like you
said, you wouldn’t obey my orders!
Mj : Good thing you know. And if I ever see one of these
creeps of yours lurking around my scholl, I’ll be
the one who’ll be taking you down!!

As Mj said that, he turned his back on their leader and immediately went out of sight. As soon as he got out of the building, he ran hurriedly to his school. And there by the entrance gate, he was met by twi students…………

???? : Hey, are you the one they call Mj??
Mj : Yeah and what is it that you want?!
???? : So you’re the infamous delinquent here huh?!
Mj : So what if I was?! Want to do something about it?!
???? : We mean you no harm man. We just wanted to ask you
Mj : And that would be?!
???? : If it’s alright with you, can we become your
comrades in arms?!
Mj : Sorry kid! I don’t take on acquaintances, even if
you were willing!!
???? : But we can be of great help, my friend here is in
the judo club!
Mj : Even so, I still couldn’t accept yor offer. So don’t
waste my time!!
???? : But why wouldn’t you accept our offer??
Mj : You want to know why?! First up, you didn’t tell me
your names. Second you want to drag your friend in
this mess and last but not the least, you have a
good life ahead of you, unlike me.
???? : That’s not the reply I wanted to hear. Lately I’ve
been ignored at our house, and then I have failing
grades and third no one even cares what happens to

Mj stopped and looked at the guy………

Mj : You know why you’re being ignored? It’s because
you’re irresponsible. You don’t even care what would
happen to your friend over there. I really hate
people like you!!
???? : Tch, look who’s talking big and almighty! You’re the
one who’s the delinquent here!
Mj : That’s why I don’t like your kind. You always judge
others but doesn’t take the time to look at their
selves first! Do you think I like the way I am now?!
I just do this so that no one on this school to get
hurt anymore!! Now do you understand?!

The boy just dropped silent and they started to walk away from Mj, but before they went out of sight, he spoke……

???? : I’m sorry for having troubled you. Don’t worry, we
don’t plan on being delinquents anymore and more
importantly my name is Keith and the one over there
is Mark.
Mj : So you do have a name and looks like ther will be
two less delinquents in this world.

And as that was said, Mj headed into the school premises but in there lies another person that he has no idea whoever she was, a person that’ll change his life, if not then bring him into his demise. As he entered their room a cheerful and warm smile greeted him…………

? : Good morning Mj! Didn’t know that you’ll come today.
Is there something wrong?!
Mj : …………………………
? : Giving me the silent treatment again eh?! Well you
know that doesn’t work on me right?!
Mj : Yeah, I know that very well, Ms. President!
? : Hey didn’t I tell you to call me by my proper name?!
Mj : Yeah yeah, sheesh. Don’t go bursting a bubble Ms.
Caroline! You know that being angry just doesn’t
suit you!
Caroline : I know that very well, so don’t push your luck
with me!

As Caroline sat beside the seat beesdie him, a feeling of reassurance came over him and a slight smile appeared on his face……………

Caroline : Hey did you just smile?!
Mj : No, I didn’t!!

Said Mj avoiding the stares of their classmates……………

Caroline : You know Mj, if you just smile often then your
your worries will disappear even if just for a
Mj : Then why do you smile, Ms. Caroline?
Caroline : That’s a secret but soon enough you will know!
Mj : I didn’t get that, but seeing you smile like that
makes me feel really relieved!
Caroline : And what is that, if I may be so rude to ask?!
Mj : Just like yours, it’s a secret!!
Caroline : Hey that isn’t fair!
Mj : Of course I won’t tell you, you haven’t told me
yours yet, and that’s the first rule of secrets!!
Caroline : Ok then. I won’t force it out of you. I don’t
want to tell you my secret either! Beeh
Mj : Alright, looks like I won this one. *laughing*
Caroline : You really are mean! Just like they said but I
can’t believe I’m talking to you!!
Mj : Pretty much the same here, princess!!
Caroline : Are you sure you’re okay today?
Mj : Never been better!

And just as Caroline settled on her seat, Mj started to think about what their leader told him. In his mind, he thought that he was just bluffing. But as he remembered, their leader was really fond of girls, and only he was the one who can prevent those plots. So as to prevent Caroline from getting hurt, he avoided her after class, but she chased after him and then she bumped into another student………

Keith : Hey are you alright, Miss?!
Caroline : Yes, I’m alright. Nothing serious!
Keith : That’s good to hear, well we’ll be off now!
Caroline : Hey wait! Did you happen to see a guy running
off this way?
Mark : You mean Mj, right?
Caroline : yup, he’s the one!

Keith : What do you need him for? He’s a delinquent didn’t
you know?!
Caroline : Yeah, I very much know that fact! But he’s
really a nice guy!
Keith : Mj, a nice guy?! Miss I really think that you got
the wrong person!
Caroline : Nope, he’s the one!
Mark : Looks like there’s more to him than meets the eye!
Keith : Then if it is him, he went that way!
Caroline : Well then, thank you very much for the help!!
Mark : Are you really going to follow him?!
Caroline : Yeah, I’ve forgot to tell him something!
Keith : Then please allow us to relay that message to him!!
Caroline : No, I got to tell him this in person!
Both : Well then please let us escort you there. It’s
dangerous if you go after him alone, especially that
you’re a girl!
Caroline : Really guys? Thank you very much!
Both : It’s our pleasure miss!
Caroline : By the way I’m Caroline. And who are you both?
Keith : I’m Keith and this here’s my friend, Mark.
Mark : At your service!
Both : Well we better get going now, it’s gonna get dark
soon. The sooner we get there, the sooner we’ll be
Caroline : Sure, let’s go!
Keith : But before that, if it isn’t rude, can I ask you a
Caroline : Yeah it’s fine. What is it?
Keith : Just what did you see in Mj and you can approach
him just like that?
Caroline : It’s nothing special.
Mark : Really?!
Caroline : Yeah, I’ve only recently talked to him this past
week. I saw him at the corner of the class and
he was just staring off into space. Then I asked
him what he was doing and he didn’t reply, but
me being the optimistic one, I threw question
after question at him. At first he was a little
annoyed but in a while he started to answer me &
the rest is what I told you earlier.
Keith : That guy sure is lucky to have someone to talk to
like you.
Caroline : Hmm… I guess so.
Mark : Well, you don’t seem too happy about it. Why is it?!
Caroline : I can see it in his actions. He has a really big
problem but he just doesn’t want to tell me!
Keith : That is serious. Well we better go so we can catch
up on him
Mark : Yeah, let’s get going!
Caroline : Thanks again you two!

As they run towards Mj’s direction, the three of them didn’t even think that their destinies were about to go a different way…………

Caroline : Hey guys, are you sure were going the right
Keith : Yeah, were going the right way. I’ve always tailed
him whenever there was a chance amd I always saw
him enter those buildings!
Caroline : Ok if you say so. Well then, I’m going in!
Mark : All by yourself?!
Caroline : Yeah, is there a problem with that?!
Keith : Well of course there is! That building is the
quarters of the most dangerous delinquents here in
Caroline : And so what?! I’m not afraid of them!
Mark : You can just say it so casually now, but what if you
bumped into one of them before meeting Mj?!
Caroline : Then I’ll just deal with them!!
Keith : No matter what you say won’t convince us. Were
going in with you!
Caroline : Alright if you insist on it!

After their conversation, they all decided to go in and they all agreed that if ever they were sorrounded, the two of them will cover Caroline while she escapes. And as they were searching the floors of the building, they managed to bump on some of the thugs that was inhabiting the said building. Mark and Keith as they agreed, barred the enemies and Caroline ran as fast as she could. As soon as she was outside, she saw Mj coming……………

Caroline : Oh Mj, we thought you were already here!
Mj : What the hell are you talking about?!
Caroline : I was trying to talk to you earlier but you kept
On avoiding me! What’s the matter with you?!
Mj : I’m sorry Ms. Caroline but our leader wants me to
kidnap you, but I refused and looks like he is very
pissed right now. That’s why I was avoiding you
earlier on. His thugs were on the loose to find you
and just what were you talking about when you said
Caroline : I was with Mark and Keith earlier but we got
surrounded by your gang members and I don’t
know what happened to them after that.
Mj : Why are those two here with you??
Caroline : They were the ones who brought me here. They
said that they’ll escort me.
Mj : But how did they find out that this is were we hang?
Caroline : They’ve been trailing you! But they said that
Was before you sincerely talked to them.
Mj : Those idiots. They know that those in there are very
Dangerous . Not even I can stand against those thugs
Caroline : So are you just gonna leave them in there?!
Mj : Of course not! Even though I only met them today.
I’m not the kind that leaves someone who needs help!
so stay right here and if by 30 minutes and were
still not out, call the police. Ok?! I’ll try to
talk them out of this first. Remember Caroline, 30
Caroline : I got it! Hey Mj!
Mj : What is it?!
Caroline : Please be careful!
Mj : Don’t fret, you don’t know who you’re talking to!

As Mj entered the building, Caroline looked for somewhere to hide in and awaited Mj’s given time limit. She was scared, she didn’t know what would happen but she remembered what Mj said to her and trusted him. Meanwhile Mj arrived at the room where the two were being held and he confronted their so called leader……………

Mj : Hey let those two go right now Kerwell!
Kerwell : And why would you want these tresspassers to be
let go off?! Do you know them Mj?!
Mj : Yes, I know them but they don’t have anything to
with this!
Kerwell : Then why are they here??
Mj : It’s none of your damn business so let them go right
Kerwell : You should really control that temper of yours Mj
or else I’ll cut it down to size!
Mj : I should be the one telling you that! Your ego is
much worse than my temper!
Kerwell : And here I am thinking that were just getting
along fine but it seems that I stand corrected!!
Mj : Stop with that crap already! Just let those two go
and we’ll settle this between us!
Kerwell : Very well then. Let them go!!

As Kerwell’s goons let the two loose, another two of them barred the exits…………………

Mj : What’s the meaning of this Kerwell?!
Kerwell : Hmmm…… Tempting as it may seem. I just can’t let
them go, I would rather see them suffering with
Mj : Why you ******** ingrate!!

As Mj lunged at Kerwell, the other ruffians charged at him too. But as he was about to be ganged up on, Mark and Keith came to his aid………

Mj : Do you know what the hell you’re doing?!
Keith : Of course we do! Were doing this to help out a
Mark : Yeah were going to get beaten up here anyway, might
as well we stick it out with you!
Mj : You’re both stupid you know that?! Well if that’s
What you want, then let’s get this over with!!

As the hooligans attacked them, they couldn’t help but block, dodge, kick and punch their way through all of that. As they faced their deadly situation head on, the time limit was hit and Caroline was contacting the police through her cellphone……………

Caroline : Uhmm, hello, is this the police??*talking on cp*
Officer : Yes this is, how may I help you?? *talking on cp*
Caroline : My friends are being held captive in a building
In block 5! Please help us out! *talking on cp*
Officer : Who may I ask is this?? *talking on cp*
Caroline : My name is Caroline sir!! *talking on cp*
Officer : Well Caroline, hold on for another 5 minutes and
we’ll be right over! *talking on cp*
Caroline : Thank you officer! Please hurry!!

As Caroline closed her cellphone, she couldn’t help but wonder what is happening to the guys. But however she worried, whenever she remembered what Mj told her, she always calmed down but what she was thinking then was the opposite of what was happening to them. Blow after blow they’ve endured until they were able to bring them all down except for one………………

Mj : You’re the only one left Kerwell. You might as well
Give up!
Kerwell : Me give up to you?! Are you ******** insulting me?
Look at yourselves, you’re all worned out,
There’s nothing more that you can do! You can’t
even stand up straight now!!
Mj : That doesn’t matter me. Come here and I will still
Give you a beating!!
Kerwell : Rather spirited are we?! Well, if you insist then
come and meet your death!!!

As Kerwell charged into Mj, Mark caught a hold of him but because he was out of strength then, he was easily thrown down and lost consciousness and when Keith tried to jump Kerwell, he too was slammed on the concrete floor and lost out too! Mj saw what happened and he too tried to get at Kerwell but to no avail. He just dodged every one of Mj’s punch and their hopes were looking dim, with such a disadvantage, he managed to hit Kerwell but that one only made him angrier and rained punch after punch on Mj until he fell flat down on the floor. After that Kerwell picked up a club of some sort and was about to deliver the final blow when he heard the sirens outside………………

Kerwell : Tsk, you’re a real lucky fool! I could kill you
now and here but seeing you in that state is just

as fine. Don’t worry I’ll take your life another
Mj : You really are sick!! Do it now or you’ll regret the
day that that yopu left me alive cause I’ll assure
you, I’m the one who’s gonna be wringing your neck!!
Kerwell : Very well, I’ll be looking forward to that!! Ciao
Mj, till our paths cross again.

As Kerwell and the other delinquents scurry off to avoid getting caught, Caroline rushed in to check up on them…………

Caroline : Hey, are you alright?!
Mj : Well that’s an ironic question. Here we are lying
down on the floor and that’s the only thing you can
Caroline : Ok, I’m sorry!! But I’m glad that you’re alright
because I can’t bear knowing that I was the one
who brought this upon you.
Mj : I told you right?! Don’t worry and we’ll be just
fine! We aren’t rascals for nothing you know!!

As Mj was saying that he couldn’t help but fall into unconsciousness because of the beatings he got from the gang. As the paramedics came in and put them on stretchers, Mark and Keith became conscious while they were taken away on the ambulances. Caroline came with them to give information about them. For 3 days Mark and Keith was stuck at the hospital and on the 4th day they were given permission to come out of the hospital leaving Mj who still was unconscious at the time. Three more days passed and still no response from him. Morning passed and while Caroline was sleeping on Mj’s bedside, he suddenly opened his eyes and wondered where he could be and there at his side he saw Caroline taking a snooze. Caroline felt something move and when she took a look, Mj was silently staring at her puzzled on why was she there and then Caroline broke the silence…………………

Caroline : Well, good afternoon to you! How was you sleep?!
Mj : What he hell happened?! And where are we?!
Caroline : You were knocked out from your fight with your
gang. It’s been a week since then and you’re in
a hospital right now so pipe down!!
Mj : A week huh? By the way, where are the other two
Caroline : They’re at school right now!
Mj : School?! They aren’t strong enough yet!!
Caroline : Look who’s talking?! You’re the one who pushed
yourself to the limit! If we hadn’t arrived on
time, you could have been dead! Now lie down and
Mj : Alright, sheesh! I only won once and that was a
fluke, if I’m not wrong!
Caroline : Good that you still know!! *giggling*
Mj : Well anyways, thank you for helping us back there.
If it hadn’t been for you, we could have been
sleeping with the fishes now.
Caroline : I should be the one thanking you. If it hadn’t
been for you too, I don’t know what could have
happened to us.
Mj : Well, what’s done is done! We can’t change what has
happened, we should always look ahead.
Caroline : For someone who has been through a lot, you’re
Very strong. That’s your trait that got me
attracted to you.
Mj : Huh, what did you just say?!
Caroline : Nope, nothing that needs to be concerned about!!

That past week something was awakened, if it was an inspiration or something else, it will help them through the real hard times that were coming. “Into the darkness came a shed of light that will guide these poor souls into happiness”

Thank you very much for reading this chapter. Hope you once again liked tit. On the next chapter, something is happening between those two. Will these be the start of something new or will these happenings be the cause of them falling apart…………

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