Our story begins with the start of a typical school morning. The same and usual routine for any ordinary student. Always learning, experimenting and working on projects. And just like any other day, the halls and rooms of the school is filled with noise from the students, and likewise our boy is just as simple and ordinary as they can get. But under that peaceful look lurks a very unusual past and with that a loud voice broke his concentration…………

?? : Good Morning, Mj! What’s up with that serious
face of yours ?
Mj : Nothing! Just doing some thinking.
?? : Thinking?! What needs thinking for someone like
Mj : Like I’ll tell you!
?? : And you call yourself my friend! You don’t even
want to talk to me!
Mj : Again with that?! Ok’ I’ll spill it. But keep it
down, will you, Keith??
Keith : Sure thing!!

Mj whispers what he was thinking and Keith almost fell from the chair he was sitting on…………

Keith : Are you serious! You know that is quite unlikely,
mind you!
Mj : I’m dead serious! And please keep your voice
down, you’re attracting too much attention.
Keith : Hey, I can’t help it if I’m shocked to death. So
Even a hard head like you has something to hide.
Mj : Yeah, yeah whatever. Just keep silent though,
I don’t wanna let the whole school know. It’ll ruin my reputation!
Keith : You still have a reputation like that?! I thought
you dumped that life a year ago!
Mj : Yeah, I did but somehow, they still think that
I’m still as tough as ever.
Keith : So are you sure you don’t want anybody to know?
Not even her?
Mj : I want to tell her, but I still don’t have the
courage to do so.
Keith : Well you better put it together, cause there’s a
chance that you’re not the only one after her.
With a girl like that, you can’t ask for more!
Mj : That I know too well. There’s bound to be others
seeking her feelings.
Keith : And with that I bid you good luck and Godspeed.
Mj : Thanks, I needed that.
Keith : Well I better get to my class room now. It’s
already time. See you later!
Mj : Same here!

As Keith headed for the door, it suddenly swung open, revealing a lovely, young lady same as their age. She greeted them with such a firm, soft voice………

??? : Good Morning, everyone!!

Everyone looked at her and smiled then they said in a very cheerful tone………

class : Good Morning to you too, Ms. Caroline.

As she sat next to the seat beside Mj, she said………

Caroline : Good Morning, Mj! How are you today?

Mj answered nervously…………

Mj : Fine, I guess...
Caroline : Are you sure? You’re trembling, maybe you’re
Mj : No, I’m not sick!
Caroline : Don’t be like that, were friends aren’t we?
Mj : Sheesh, just like Keith and Mark! What kind of
friends are you?
Caroline : Because that’s the only thing we can say that’ll
open you up to us! I’m sorry *giggling*
Mj : *sighs* Okay, I always lose to you anyway.
Caroline : Yey, Mj’s not angry anymore!
Mj : You know what Caroline, you’re very bubbly for
someone who’s got some very big responsibilities!
Caroline : You want to know why? Because I’ve got some
really good friends who help me through thick
and thin!
Mj : Are we really that good? *blushes*
Caroline : Of course you are silly!! I can always count on
you guys. Whatever problems may arise.
Mj : Thank you very much for the compliment. Although
that might get into the heads of those two, so
you better not tell them that. They’re better off
like that.
Caroline : I guess you’re right. *giggling*

As they were talking very happily, the bell rang signaling the start of class………

Caroline : Well, I’ll talk to you later.
Mj : Sure thing! We’ve better get into study mode
unless we want the teacher to throw us question after question.
Caroline : Yeah, that’s right.
Teacher : Good Morning class!
Class : Good Morning Madam!

As the teacher started with the lesson, all the tension that seemed to bother Mj, literally went away, probably because Math wasn’t a good way to start the day for him. For four hours straight, it was all study and study. At last it was time for lunch break……....

Mj : Oh my God, that was too much lessons in just
four hours! I almost couldn’t keep up!
Caroline : But I’ve gotta hand it to you Mj, you’ve
improved a lot for this past year!
Mj : You think so? I really think I haven’t improved
That much.
Caroline : Don’t be so modest. After all you’re now ranked
Three of the whole 1st years!
Mj : I haven’t really changed, you know that. I’m
Still always pushing myself to the edge wherein
I know I can’t back off!
Caroline : Don’t tell me you’re still thinking of that
incident until now!
Mj : What if I still am, huh? Is there something you
can do about it?
Caroline : Please forget that time. It’s all in the past
after all!
Mj : How can I forget it when he’s still out there.
Maybe he’s looking for a way to get back at us.
That’s why you should always be careful!
Caroline : You know, Mj worries too much. You should give
it a rest already. I’ll be just fine, you’re
here with me right now, that’s why I don’t have
any worries.
Mj : Well, that is true, but I’ve still got the
feeling that were being watched.
Caroline : It’s because we are being watched silly! Keith
and Mark have been hiding behind the door and
listening in on our conversations.
Both : Hey, Mj! Hi, Caroline! Let’s get something to eat
And then we’ll go talk some more.
Mj : Why were you eavesdropping?
Mark : Well, we were about to come in when we heard what
you’re talking about!
Keith : We heard you talking about last year’s incident.
Do you still think he’s looking for a way to get back at us?
Mj : Yes, it’s quite a big possibility. That’s why we
Can’t take any risk. The anniversary of that day is coming up. He may strike out of nowhere!
Caroline : You guys are all paranoid. There’s no way that
He could be that bold as to attack us on the
anniversary. Even the police is still on alert
looking for him.
Mj : Were still not taking any chances! What day will
the anniversary fall on?
Keith : Let me see. It’s on a Sunday! Why?
Mj : Then were gonna have a party then!
Mark : Party at such a crucial day?!
Mj : Yes, a party! But were gonna have it on our house
so as to keep their chances low for them.
Keith : Brilliant idea, Mj! That way we can be safe and
have fun at the same time!
Mark : But will it be okay with your mom?
Mj : Not a problem. I already asked her and she said
it’s good!
Caroline : Wait a minute guys. I think were forgetting the
Reason why were having this party!
The boys : No we haven’t. The reason why were having this
Party is to keep someone safe!
Mj : And that someone is you Caroline!
Caroline : Thank you guys, but it isn’t really necessary to
have a party just for that! I mean that I’m
hanging out with only guys! Are you missing the
point in that?
Mj : Point taken, that’s why were inviting two more
girls over! So you wouldn’t think that you can’t trust us.
Caroline : I trust you guys. But you’re idiotic sometimes
so it couldn’t be helped!
Mark : Yeah, yeah! You got us there but were your
friends. Friendship relies on trust with each
Caroline : See what I mean?! It’s not friendship that needs
to rely in trust, relationship is the one that
needs it!
Keith : It’s still the same logic, isn’t it Mj?
Mj : Oh come on, stop that you guys! It isn’t every
day that we can get to talk like this!
Caroline : I guess you’re right. It’s very rare for us to
hang out even though were friends.
Mark : Ditto. Were so busy with our clubs and other
stuff that we can barely talk for so long!
Keith : Yeah, it’s also time for the mid terms and summer
Break’s coming too!
Mj : Good thing that we can all agree on one thing, so
the party’s gonna be on my house. We’ll be
meeting at my house, so don’t be late!
Caroline : But what about the preparations? And how much
Each of us will contribute?
Mj : Didn’t I say I’ll be taking care of the expenses?
Caroline : But it’s gonna be very expensive if you say
there’s 2 more additional guests!
Mj : That’s only a little amount! Don’t worry!
Keith : Yeah, don’t worry. Mj’s got it all under control!
Caroline : But it’s a really big amount.
Mark : We said don’t worry, sheesh. Everything’s gonna
be fine!
Caroline : But!!
Mj : No buts Caroline, don’t you trust me?
Caroline : I trust you, but I still won’t let you pay for
all the expenses!
Mj : * sighs * It’s really ok. It’s only money for
Goodness sake! Please trust me on this one.
Caroline : Alright! I give up, but don’t come crying and
begging me if you don’t have any allowance left!

The guys suddenly started to laugh and Caroline felt that something wasn’t right...

Caroline : Ok, you guys, spill it out. Where do you plan on
getting money that big?
Mj : I’m gonna go rob the grocer near here!! *laughing
Caroline : What did you say?! *angry
Keith : Hey chill, princess. Mj’s just kidding. He
doesn’t need to steal cause he’s the sole heir to
their family business.
Caroline : Oh, is that so? Then why didn’t you tell me that
in the first place?! *blushes
Mark : We just wanted to see how would you react. It’s
not everyday that we can tease and see you like
Mj : Yeah! So even the perfect little miss can be so
very flustered and angry.
Caroline : Did I really do that?! Oh please don’t tell
anyone else, it’s embarrassing... *blushes
Keith : Don’t worry, we won’t tell on yah!
Mark : Yeah, we’ll keep it as our little secret!
Mj : Well said you two! At least once in a while,
you’re good at something!
Keith : Was that an insult?! *angry
Mark : Sounded very much like one! *angry
Mj : Come on you two! Can’t you take a joke?!
Caroline : Hey stop messing around guys! This isn’t funny
The guys : Sure thing, were just messing with the serious
little miss class president!
Caroline : You three really are obnoxious! And that was
meant to be a compliment!!
The guys : Well then, we very much appreciate that!
Mj : Well if that is all in our agenda, then we better
eat or else we’ll be sleeping the afternoon bec.
of hunger.
Caroline : Then let’s go to the cafeteria before they run
Mark : Didn’t know that your this worried about food.
Keith : Yeah, maybe that’s why these past few days she’s
looking a little bit on the heavier side!
Caroline : Hey, you shouldn’t say that to a girl unless you
want to be hated!
Mj : Heard that you two?! Looks like that’s the reason
you don’t have girlfriends as of now!
Mark : Look who’s talking?! You can’t even tell her what
you’re feelings are!!

Keith : Nice on there, Mark! Now let’s see what our
friend here has to say...
Mj : I’ve got to hand it to you two! You’ve got me
stumped there! But what if this coming week I can get a girlfriend and you guys don’t?
Keith : Then let’s bet on that!
Mark : Yeah, the loser will have to pay for the winners
for the upcoming beach trip!
Mj : You’re on and don’t come crying to me when the
two of you loses!
Mark : In your dreams, little boy!
Keith : Don’t be cocky cause I’m the one who’s gonna win
for sure!
Caroline : With attitudes like those, no girl will even
dare talk to the likes of you!
The guys : Sorry we just got a little carried away.
Caroline : You call that getting carried away?! More like
Gone with the wind! Well, whatever, I don’t care
what you guys think but I’m gonna head on to the
cafeteria now. I don’t wanna miss today’s
specialty. It’s up to you if you’re coming or
The guys : Were coming, wait for us!!
After that group meeting, the four eventually scurried to the cafeteria to get something to eat. There they continued chatting. Even though they’re so different from each other, they were very close enough to be like a family. But what happened as to get them very acquainted to their very different attitudes and traits. It took a near death experience to eventually forge a very strong friendship between those four. But for now this will be the story. As for the incident that happened a year ago the truth shall be revealed...

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