So it's been a while, who cares. Tell me something, we live in a country where there is suppose to be freedom of speech and we say anything we wish, right? If this is the case then why do people get all bent out of shape when you wish then a merry Christmas or like that. I always hated this political correctness crap. It's one thing to be nice to people and keep from hurting their feels, but this holiday bull s**t is another matter altogether. This country was founded on freedom of religion as well as freedom of speech. Today these ideals are far from the truth. At work if you even mention anything remotely sexual you get sent to sensitivity class. In this mockery of justice they tell you what you can and can't say. Screw that crap. Why are people so easily offended? Be real, does my opinion of anything affect your lives? Does my opinion mean anything to any of you? It shouldn't. As yours should mean anything to me. People need to grow up and actually be adult about all this. Who ever it was that came up with this crap is needs to be sent back to preschool so they can relearn how things really work. Never mind, who's going to even read this anyway?
twisted pirate