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FlargleSnarfMuffins evil thoughts. >:]
*WARNING* A insane person wrote these!
Crimson .:Chapter 1.:.
This is a story I am currently working on. Each chapter will be posted in a different journal entry. Steal any thing and I will personally send a attack gerbil after your plagiarizing a**. >:[ Please post comments with helpful criticism, don't hate. :'(

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day. The sun shined brightly in the afternoon sky while lingering clouds were spread lightly across small parts of the big blue sky, coming nowhere close to the sun. Today their mission was a normal one; to track down the exact location of a vampire base. This was just one job of the Vampire Slayer. The group for four’s journey would begin with a long ride in a black van from the main city Terina to a small isolated village called Veletara. Other Hunters from Blood X, the official name of the group of the Vampire Slayers, have also been sent out to other small villages in the area. Someone was bound to find the hidden base eventually.

The dark van was quiet besides a few bumps that shifted items in the back along with squeaks and sighs from the people within it. Long trips like this bored the whole group. “We should be arriving soon.” The driver called back, breaking the long silence. Without a word, the three men began to prepare their weapons. The only girl, who appeared in her mid-teens, didn’t move. Unlike the tree men, who were her uncles, she prepared before hand.

They were dropped off just outside of a large forest. The wind blew lightly over the shaded landscape as the black van roared back down the dirt road. Rows and rows of trees covered the area with their think green leaves, covering the tops of the trees like an elegant veil. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

The three men and the girl walked calmly down a path cut though the forest. It was probably used by the people who like in the village to get to the min cities.

The tallest, standing six foot three inches, and the oldest, thirty-three years of age, of the men was Kermit. His head was balder than a baby’s bottom but he did have some facial hair. His mustache neatly connected to his beard at the sides of his mouth. He wore a long black leather trench coat, unbuttoned, with a tattered black t-shirt underneath witch held their family’s emblem: A large gold cross with pointed ends. A large diamond filled the center while rubies were studded in each point of the cross. His dark gray cargo pants were nearly tucked into his shin-high boots. He also wore a pair of sunglasses that hit his brown eyes and rested calmly on the bridge of his nose. Kermit’s muscular build showed his strength.

The second oldest, twenty-nine years of age, and the shortest of the men, standing five foot ten inches, was Gary. A layer of shaggy brown hair mopped over his head lazily. There was no facial hair to hide his deceiving smile he always wore. His blue eyes looked as if they could cut though metal with one sharp glare. He wore a pair of black straight legged pants and a pair of shiny black combat boots. A blue shirt, that matched his eyes, was un-tucked and beginning to fray. Over that he wore a black jacket that fell down to his upper thighs, buttoning up from his lower chest to his belt. The sleeves were cuffed and buttoned back. His family’s cross was neatly printed on the back of his jacket, using pure gild threads. The rubies and diamonds were set onto the jacket, which would be nearly impossible to remove.

The youngest, age twenty-six, and second tallest, standing six foot one, was named Chris. His long dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail that fell down to his lower back. One lock of hair, just above his forehead, was in front of his face. A five o’clock shadow was quite visible on his light skin. His eyes were a deep shade of brown, nearly black in some lights. He wore a black shirt under a long black coat with silver trim. His collar was popped up and the coat was held together by two buckles on his upper chest. Long black baggy pants hid his legs, only showing off some of his block boots, which had metal plating trim around the bottom of it. Metal studs were place in a neat line along the metal strip. Two silver stripes ran horizontally across the bottom of his pat legs and his cross was worn around his neck, hanging on a gold grain. He was the perfect example of what many believed a real vampire slayer would look like.

Last but not least, there was Serenity. She was only seventeen years old and stood five feet three inches. Unlike her three uncles, she was short. Her long black hair fell down to her lower back and was pulled into two loose ponytails behind her. She wore a pair of camouflage pants tucked into a pair of black combat boots. A dark gray tank top was partially hidden by her long black coat. The collar was thick and covered part of her neck. The jacked buckled together right after the collar then it cut back right above her chest, resulting in the entire coat flowing behind her. The sleeves fit perfectly and two useless buckles were connected to the upper arm fro a bit of creative style.

This was our group, squad six of Blood X. The four walked down the long path in the forest for what seemed an hour or more. Still, not a word was shared between them. It wasn’t that they were mad at each other or anything, but rather that they were just a quiet group.

Eventually they made it to the town, after a long walk though a forest and over a large hill. “Wow.” Serenity whispered as she looked down at the small village. It was very small and didn’t look like the best place to live. Judging by the condition of the area, they were a farming village. Small wood buildings were lined in rows while luscious green fields of crops surrounded in on three sides. From what they could see, so far, there was not sign of the vampires.

“Let’s just keep moving.” Kermit said in a monotone voice as he began walking own the hill. Gary and Chris seemed to follow as if the three of them were all connected by a piece or rope. Serenity had gone off into a daze as she studied the village. She noticed that they were moving yet again once her uncles were already halfway down the hill. “Hey! Wait up!” She wanted to call out, but decided it would be best if she just kept quiet and caught up to them as fast as she could. Her fast pace made her jacked flow behind her like a cape.

The villagers seemed to stop in their tracks as they saw the group walking into the valley. Apparently they didn’t get visitors too often. The group entered the village slowly, looking around for anything suspicious. They had planned to they and blend in, but they already noticed that that would never happen. “If any vampires are hiding here, they’re doing on hell of a job.” Chris muttered to the rest of them. After a while of starring curiously, the villagers returned to their daily routines. Still, it felt as if a lingering eye was still watching over them.

“This is really creepy.” Serenity whispered. She had fought and killed vampires in the darkest and deadliest places but the stillness of this village took the cake. This place seemed to calm to have active vampires in it. They were probably hiding, undercover, not showing their true race, that is, if there were any there at all. As they reached the end of the first street Serenity noticed a small house misplaced from the rest of the village. It was set farther back towards the edge of the valley. “Strange…” Serenity thought curiously to herself as she began to walk towards it.

“Where are you going?” Kermit asked Serenity in a serious tone. The three were always protective of Serenity. She was their elder sister’s daughter and once Serenity’s mother passed away, they found it their duty to watch over and protect the stubborn girl they called their niece. “Something’s just not right here.” The teen said in a tone just loud enough for her uncles to hear. The three men followed her to the odd home.

As they circled the building, they found a young girl playing in the back yard. The child’s skin was pale, yet dirty. Her hair was short and black with a blue-ish purple tint. Her eyes were white with a purple tint. It was quite clear that this girl was blind. She wore clothes that that looked like it was poorly made. It was also torn and beginning to fray and fade. A bandage covered her left cheek, making her look even more pitiful.

At first the girl paid no attention to them, then she looked up at them with her cold, pain filled, eyes. “I heard you coming.” She said quietly as she staid sitting on the ground. She lowered her head and looked away as if she was ashamed of her words.

“She’s blind?” Serenity thought to herself as she noticed the child’s white eyes. Serenity seemed to be the only one who could feel that there was something different about this girl. Besides the fact that she was blind, this girl gave here a strange cold chill. Kermit, Gary and Chris seemed naive to the fact that there was something defiantly strange going on around this village. The question is, what was it?

The young girl staid quiet, as sad expression covered he face. It seemed Kermit, Gary, Chris, and Serenity was all trying to think of something to say. “I’m sorry if I scared you.” The young girl finally spoke. Gary stepped forward. He bent down, noticing the bandage on her cheek. “What happened to your cheek?” He asked her in a quiet tone. The girl placed her left hand over her left cheek. “I….uh….I fell.” She stuttered. It was obvious that she was lying. Still, she was quite a good as disguising the truth. The four wondered how she had gotten the wound, since she didn’t fall.

Serenity walked closer to the girl and sat down next to Gary. Her jacket lay in a pile of its own fabric behind her. “I’m Serenity.” She said to the child in a happy tone. “My name is Naomi.” The child replied as she looked up at Serenity. Although she was blind, the rest of her senses were advanced, so using them together, allowed her to see a faint outline of the things around her. “Well, Naomi is this were you live.” Gary asked her as he closed his eyes, his wide smile still covering his face. Naomi nodded in agreement, before her gaze returned to the ground in front of her. “She’s hiding something.” Chris thought to himself. His eyes shifted so that he was looking at the house, but just then, his concentration was interrupted. The bushes in the forest not far above them were rustling wildly; this quickly caught his attention. Chris swiftly pulled put a magnum from a holster under his jacket. He pointed the barrel at the bushes. A serious look came across Gary’s face as he quickly made it to the other side of Naomi, protecting her from anything that may attack. The sunlight gleamed off of Kermit’s black sunglasses as he pulled out his gun. It seemed that if one brother reacted to something around them, a chain reaction resulted in all three of them ready to kill. “What is it?” Serenity asked quietly as she glared over at the bushes.

Naomi started shaking in fear. She had no idea what was going on. “Is it back?” She thought to herself franticly. “Please don’t let it be!” She cried out in her head.

The suspense was nerve wracking. There was definitely something up there, but it had yet to show it’s self. One rule of Blood X, never attack head on when you don’t know who or what your opponent is. It was just safer for them to wait for who ever it was to make the first move.

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commentCommented on: Tue May 13, 2008 @ 10:20pm
I dont have time to read it all at the moment cuz
im writing a journal myself but yours seems interesting.

A little long for one post..
surprised surprised

But I heart ed it.

DO you like the Jonas Brothers?
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commentCommented on: Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 09:54pm
What happens next?
I have to know!
Write the continuation soon!
Im anxious to read it!

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