i stared at him i could believe wat i was seeing.this man looked almost exactly like me sure his hair and eyes wher red(those hypnotic eyes the ones tht where on every tanted person we killed out thr,or did we kill them?they where already dead)his features looked like mine.but thr was some thing about them.i didnt know.but he spoked to me in a sharp rapsy voice tht sounded well like everybody.my mother my fatjer my sister my friends, just everody and no one at the same time.
"hello there...miguel,"he smiled.his teeth sharpened to pionts. thts wheni desided i could kill him no matter wat or who he spunded or looked like.i grabed the knife in my pocket and flung it at him.it flew nice staight and true i waited for it to hit its mark and for this nightmare to be over.but he side steped,the knife still moved to fast it skided his cheek spraying blood(not much though)