so...who here has a 360? got xbox live? great! now do you play chromehounds? if you do, and need a squad to join, try mine out, so far i'm the most active member...but not the leader, I just attained the rank of Sergeant and the squad grade is rookie++(more updates to be set when needed) My gamer tag is "Rick Nickels"

in order to get the bare minimum in the squad, you must first have met these requirements, personally I just enjoy playing with others, but for the better of the squad its needed.(certain rules are flexible, others are strict (they will be in bold), I wont be like a nazi picking players though)

1) you have to of at least completed each and ever role type on story mode, and please try to get top ranks, you get more parts(final is optional)
2) dont just throw together a hound, be reasonable and think out you're hound and make sure it achieves what you are looking for and that it's abilities are not stretched too far apart if you're a "double-double"(a hound taking on at least two role types of weapons and abilities)
3) dont just jump into battle in neromus war, you lose money for youre self and the entire squad(if possible/available get a "battle buddy" )
4) help each other out, but don't be greedy, give parts, info, designs and money to other members(and if you join, get a good deal and then just leave, prepare to get the fullest frontal assault that is allowed to any given player on live)
5)work together, this is a strategy game
6) at least one guy has to defend the base!(situations change so this one will too)
7) frankly, dont d**k around if we play against other players, against a CPU ok, just dont die, but players on this game fight dirty, so if it calls for it so shall we(within standards of coarse)
8 ) dont change anything made by the squad leader without his permission (you'll have to talk to me about this cause each and every player is technically second in command, but I know the leader well enough on what he wants, so do some others but introductions are for when you actually join)
9) high ranking players are preferred, but if you're a rookie that can be tollerated, so long as you stay on you're toes, think before you act, stay with at least another player and take careful shots until you can buy more parts/designs
10) help each other out, explain to new players what stuff does
11) sorry to say this, but if youre a kid, chances are you may get booted out, nothing personal...but lets just say every kid to join our squad has just been one dissapointment after another(i'm talking about mostly those who just dont care, innocent ones I dont blame, but just no)
12) NO HACKING, if I catch you using the no weight limit, speed, and/or invincibility hack, then i'll report you, however if I catch you boosting, well I wont report you but youre out of the squad(boosting is when you fight with one another and someone purposely loses to increase rank score)
13) none of those special builds in neromus war, theres a reason why they are only used in ranked matches, such as tower hounds(thin, fast and too powerful), especially grenade/saber/ ANY weapons towers(6 or more of the same weapon, maximum is 3 on ranked)
14) finally, try to stay active, no sence in having a squad if there is nobody even alive in it
15) SPEAK ENGLISH, the dominant language in this squad is english