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The Stories made from Boredum
PART 2!!!

Far away in the village hidden in the sound a young ninja named Setu Gonku was getting into trouble with a lot of betters. He needed to turn in some gambling money but couldn’t make it up in time. So he had one other choice, it was to fight the men he owed money to. When they assaulted him he was walking with his friend Aimi Koatani he was expecting them so he was on his guard. They cut them off and he drew his weapon they thought his weapon was just a baton but when he sent chakra through it, it turned into a scythe. The men were amazed but were defeated as Setu used his puppet jutsu on his scythe.

After killing the men Orochimaru approached Setu and ask him to join him and be his apprentice Setu thought he would just help Orochimaru but he was wrong he ended up as his errand boy when Setu left the sound village Aimi felt weak and was approached by Sasori of the Akatsuki they knew of her demon but she never told any one about it. She joined them to feel strong and get back at Setu but he had already left Orochimaru. He traveled to the village hidden in the mist and he entered a tournament that Horoko happened to be in. They made it to the finals and fought each other and happened to be evenly matched and had a draw.

Setu stayed for two days and Horoko also did so they eventually met up again and Horoko told Setu that he was eligible for the chunnin exams, but the exams were 3 months away. They went there separate paths Horoko spent more time with Kamiko and Setu practiced for the exams.

Horoko went back to the village and he was wandering by the south gate when Kamiko ran in crying. He asked what was wrong and she said someone had assassinated her family. Horoko was infuriated so he said wait here he took of his jacket and it fell straight to the ground he was going to look for evidence of the killer but Kamiko burned every thing. She was wondering if she could stay with him and Minkanato yet she need new clothes and ninja weapons. He said “sure, but were kind of short on money but I can get some by delivering ramen but you’re gonna have to find a job to help us out.” She did so she sold art and ended up buying a shop where she could sell her art easier she even got some of Horoko’s artwork they ended up having a little more ryous then they intended.

Setu continued training he had a dream that he murdered three people, but he only thought it meant nothing. It was almost one month away from the chunnin exams so he started getting serious with his training and he felt like something bad was happening to Aimi. Setu traveled to the leaf village and met a girl named Jem she was a sculptor and was single so he asked her out on a date but didn’t show much emotion yet he loved her and she liked him. They ended up as a couple and Setu would put his life on the line for hers. He went out to train and he found a clothing store and bought a cloak with the sound symbol on it.

Horoko was on his daily ramen run when he stopped on a roof to see Setu walking like a dark figure in a colorful crowd with is new cloak on. Horoko watched as he walked to Jem and gave her a single cherry blossom; Horoko thought about Kamiko and went through the rest of his route. “Setu found love that’s good for him” Horoko thought.

When Horoko got home Kamiko was drawing in the kitchen and Minkanato was sleeping on the couch. He stepped into the kitchen and said “I found that one guy Setu walking in the village today he got a new cloak and he’s fallen in love” Kamiko stopped drawing and said “oh, really” Horoko sat there and started blushing then he pulled a bushel of cherry blossoms out of his jackets pocket and said “these are for you my love” Kamiko looked with such beauty she was astounded of how many Horoko had gotten. She blushed and said “thank you very much” and gave him a big hug. Kamiko walked out the room to go put them in a vase in her room she also came out with a wrapped gift she gave it to him and said “open it.” Horoko opened it and saw that it was a small chest and he opened it to see a key, a map, and a small book she said “go find this place I couldn’t because it’s in a danger zone so I couldn’t get through it without your help or without you worrying.”

“The key is for the place the book is for you it’s a book I made that’s based on chakra and chakra types” Horoko had an idea that she found Amanaku’s book on Justus so he asked and she said she had read it. Horoko thought that Kamiko and Amanaku had something in common but Kamiko and he got a long better.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this I wish it could be easier but I’m on my guard just incase.” Horoko said as he was jumping through a bunch of trees the next day. There were exploding traps everywhere he couldn’t think straight all he could do was wonder what he was going to get. He fell for two traps one burned his pants and the other gave him a couple of cuts, he was almost to the place when he started to notice that he was being watched by one person.

That person approach Horoko later “who are you?” Horoko questioned but the person never answered. When Horoko finished asking questions the mysterious person said”Horoko settle down and let’s fight.” So he took his jacket off and drew his sai. The person sounded familiar but he didn’t necessarily pay attention to their voice. When Horoko won the person laughed said I need to get stronger and disappeared Horoko thought he just fought a ghost but he may never know unless it comes back. He found the secret place and opened a chest in a small hut there was a giant spider in the chest. Horoko thought wisely and used his sai to take the spider out of the chest. The spider ran off and Horoko saw another chest in side that one, he took it to the apartment it was about 10 o’clock he tossed it onto the living room table and fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning Horoko woke up to Kamiko thanking him. She gave him a big hug and he said you’re welcome and went to go clean up. About time he was done she opened it to see a book on forbidden jutsu she trembled and Horoko walked over to comfort Kamiko. She said she had never expected someone would write a book on forbidden jutsu.

Aimi was sent on a mission to kill Sakura. Aimi was traveling to the village hidden in the leaves when she heard someone coming it happened to be Sakura on a mission. Aimi made a surprise entrance that throws Sakura off her guard and Aimi drew her swords. Sakura noticed the Akatsuki cloak that Aimi was wearing so she got serious. They battle for a while till Sakura fainted Aimi uses her demons powers to knock out Sakura. Aimi takes Sakura back to the akatsuki’s hide away and wait till everyone returns.

Horoko was very tired the night after 4 ramen runs so he slept on the couch. Kamiko was up doodling and a knock came at the door at 3 a.m. Kamiko had to answer the door because Horoko was sleeping. She opened the door and Horoko woke up and felt a strange chakra so he yelled “Kami get out the way!!!” the next thing that happened was Setu swung his scythe trying to kill Kamiko but hit Horoko in the stomach, yet somehow he had managed to hit kamiko’s arm and reveal her deepest secret. He looked where she was cut and it healed almost instantly but he saw a seal on her arm and it was a seal for a demon. “So Setu was out to kill you?” Horoko asked. She said he was after her blood it was sacred to his demon it was Type A.

After Setu drew his scythe from Horoko’s stomach Horoko grabbed him and jumped out the window with Setu and took him to the roof where they fought. Horoko was certain that Setu was not going to get a drop of Kamiko’s blood, yet Setu seemed certain that he was through his sleep walking. They fought till sunrise when the sun hit Setu’s skin he fell to the ground as if he had fainted. Horoko and Kamiko took Setu to a secret place and brought Jem so Setu would talk.

When Setu finally woke up Jem was crying and Horoko was getting healed by Kamiko he lost a lot of blood so he fainted. “What the hell is going on?” Setu was really mad when he realized where he was strapped up against a wall. Horoko regained consciousness and said that they had fought from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. “Horoko try no to move your still hurt even though you might not feel like it” Kamiko warned him but he stood up and said “Setu, you joined Orochimaru and you have a demon correct?” “uhhh… yes” he sighed and put his head down. He began to tell the story when it all had started and till then, as he was telling the story Horoko had realized that Setu could’ve killed Kamiko’s family and so he asked what was her families blood type and she said all were type A but her fathers he was type AB. So Horoko thought and said “we need to see Kakashi about your curse mark.” So they left and kept Setu in a straight jacket to be sure he wouldn’t attack anyone.

The saw Kakashi and got Setu’s curse sealed and he trained even more for the chunnin exams. When the time came he noticed Kabuto was in this one. He went through the three exams with a good finish and when the final part came he beat Kabuto and was made a chunnin also Sakura never returned. Everyone searched for her but they only found her kunai. Aimi had finished her mission in front of every Akatsuki member.

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    Community Member

    Sat Dec 01, 2007 @ 05:07pm

    W00T! PART 2 DONE NOW 4 PART 3 hmmmmzzz...

    Community Member

    Sat Dec 01, 2007 @ 07:56pm

    YAY YAY YAY!!! heart i love it!!!!!
    i'm demon yay!!! another way to make Senpai mad!!! lol *runs off to find Deidara*

    Community Member

    Sat Dec 01, 2007 @ 08:03pm


    Community Member

    Sun Dec 02, 2007 @ 01:46am

    too bad Sakura' dead now!!! *laughs maniacly* twisted sorry i hate cotten candy head!

    Community Member

    Sun Dec 02, 2007 @ 01:47am

    lol they noticed about a week later XD

    Community Member

    Mon Dec 03, 2007 @ 11:18pm

    now there's nothing in the way of Naruhina!!! heart lol

    Community Member

    Mon Dec 03, 2007 @ 11:27pm

    lol u jst wanted that to happen XD

    iSU zuu
    Community Member

    Wed Dec 05, 2007 @ 11:17pm

    I expected something violent for Sakura XD

    Though I'm pretty positive she'd own every akatsuki member with her smashysmashy of fury heart

    Community Member

    Tue Jan 01, 2008 @ 10:24pm

    poor simone! too bad Sakura's dead. lol it's a lot quieter now *laughs*

    Community Member

    Sun Jan 20, 2008 @ 09:10pm

    i found Deidara!! 4laugh i'm like a second Tobi to him so he can't stand me to begin with!!! now it's worse sine my demon isn't one their looking for!! hahahah!! eat that dei-kun!

    User Comments: [10]
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