just continue to wear tht mask while ppl continue to label u. the only label we deserve is the 1 we give ourself. wht do we choose? we choose wht we want ppl to think of us. tht just makes them think we r weirder. so whts the difference btween 'emos' and 'normies' anyways? were all still ppl & us 'emos' r outnumbered. if u dont wanna b our frend just dont. we dont like pity. it makes us wanna beat the sh*t outta u. we dont like ppl who think tht we think tht fake frends r better than no frends. but y is tht? it just hurts us twice as bad in the end. so wheres the happy? it doesnt come. wheres the luv? no1 can luv the emo chick who cries wen no1 knows wht happened.its been contained so long tht we gotta explode sometimes. wht do they think happens at home? a happyness cuz thts how it is fr them. they think tht nothing can b tht bad cuz the worst thing tht ever happened to them was they broke a nail. so wht? wheres the purpose in life?