It's been almost 10 days, not quite. More like 8. Hee hee.

Nothing interesting has really happened. The only out of the ordinary things are Thanksgiving last week when I ate my weight in Mashed Taters, and Friday I spent with Emi (well most of it). ThursdaynightFridaymorning I spent the night at my grandparents' house. Um...Wednesday we all went to the mall (Tori, Twi, Emi and I) and spent pretty much the entire day there. Last week was a half week.

Today was a very cruddy day. Lots of people mad, sad, angry, etc. My parents made me do things all day. I had a lot of homework that I...laughed at for strange reasons. Um...Yeah. I learned to play the intro of "Audrey, Start the Revolution!" and "Godspeed" by Anberlin! That's exciting...I suppose...

Anyway, that's it for lately. Boring, eh?