What Happenes?

When someone heart u, what happenes?

Do they tell u? or do they wait fot the right time?

What happenes, if they play a game? if that person that heart 's u & u don't know notice that they heart u, dose it turn into a heart story?

Do your friends now? If they do, do they tell u?
Do they wait for him to to tell?
Do they keep it a secret?
Do they promise him that they will never tell u?

What happens?
Waht heart really?

Why do they heart u?

Does he heart u, for who u r?
Does he heart u, for something u do?
Does he heart u, for something else? Or,
Does he heart u, for u?

What is it?
R u someone your not?
R u being u?

Why does he heart u?
Why u? There's millions of other girls. Why u?

What Happenes? is the big qu
heart heart