First period, I had math, my favorite subject. I was still thinking about that lady with glasses and red woolen coat. I wonder what she thought after i gave her a fake doctors note.
Anyways remember when I told you guys that i wore a jacket that smelled like dead fish?... This is when I start to find out.

I went to room 215, where i usually have math and social studies, I saw my teacher Ms.Haddad, teaching some algebra. i hated algebra its confusing. So anyways, i gave her my late pass and i went to my assigned seat. I sat in between 2 guys, Natreal and Timmothy, but it was weird instead of Natreal on his desk there was someone unexpected. There was Gabby sitting there instead. I hated Gabby, well half of me does.

When I took off my jacket, I first noticed Gabby looking at me with an awkward face. I looked back confused cause i didn't notice yet. Carlos, the person sitting behind me looked like he was about to throw up.

"It smells like horse sh*t in here" Carlos said, looking like he was about to throw up

I ignored them and did my work, yet still i was curious of what they were talking about.

"Rae, do you eat fish?" Gabbie asked me?

I looked back ant told a lie which was no, and yes my name Rae, you can can call me Leslie if you like, but i prefer Ayane if were talking in gaia. Anyways back to topic. I kept doing my work, i saw Carlos moved in the back of the room cause of the nasty smell my jacket burden. I waited on till the period finished, I had To stay in the same room cause i have social studies for second period. just when i was about to put my jacket on, I realized the smell...