chapter two

I rushed to go to school I was one hour late. i didn't even put socks that day and i wore a jacket that smelled like dead fish which i didn't noticed at all. In the way i thought to myself what would my excuse be? I came up with some lies and truth's but i didn't know what to pick.

"if i said that i woke up late then i would be introuble, yet if i say i was in a doctors appointment, they'll ask for my doctors note." "if i tell the truth what would happen?" i kept asking myself these questions over and over thinking for an answer

time wasn't on my side, i was moving in a fast pace to school and i couldn't stop my legs, they were slowly speeding up. As i went faster and faster, i had less time to think about my answer. i watch as i see that there were no kids entering the school, i was late.

when i finally got there i walked up to the main door. I didn't know where to go cause the back door where i usually come, was locked. I walked up the main door. I saw the security guards, loitering talking some things to some teachers.

"Hey you," he pointed at me. "go over there, go to the main courtyard and sign the late pass," he said

All I could say was "Me?'' and he nodded with a slightly scary face

I went to the courtyard as I was told here was this lady, in a red woolen coat with glasses. She looked like a librarian but i didn't care if she was.

"sign your name here" she said. "the time is 9:18"

i grabbed the pen and wrote on the late pass. "uhh yeah so.... i had a doctors apointment today" i lied of course but was it the right choice? maybe yes maybe no but it just came out my mouth.

"Do you have a docters note?" she asked. This was what I feared. I didn't have a doctors note cause i lied and i didn't even went to the doctor. So i thought up of something quick. I opened up my back pack and grabbed a work sheet from band class. the paper was folded into 4ths and before i gave it to her, i asked her one question

"What period is this?"

"1st period," she said waiting impatiently for the piece of paper i was holding

I gave her the band worksheet, and quickly ran upstairs to what ever i have for 1st period.