chapter one

The usual morning, My Sister would wake me up, she was 2years older than me, i got up and got my clothes to take a shower. i usually take 30mins of taking a shower so today i kinda sped it up into 20mins yet still long. i saw my sister leave to go to her school.

"Damn she left early today," i thought to myself. "was she late?" i asked myself.

Yet why do i care, i have my own life. I ate breakfast, i usually serve myself some fried eggs w/ turkey bacon. After that nothing really happened i played some "Command and Conquer: 3 tiberium wars". i was freakin losing "the scrin"(my enemy) was beasting on me. i played and held my defense for one hour. Or so i thought it was actually 2 hours but i didnt know.

I heard the tv saying "this is new york one, it is 9:00"

I paused the game and i went to the living room with confusion and tis weird feeling. I looked at the tv screen it was 9:00am. With confusion I looked at the clock in my room it showed 9:00

"That cant be right," i asked my self

I took out last year's calendar which i thought was this years, It was weird daylight savings didn't start yet, looking at the calendar. Little did i notice that i was holding last years calendar. i slapped my forehead, how can i be so stupid daylight savings started yesterday. I was lost in time