November 22.
Things are getting worse around here. My brothers are getting more abnoxious every MINUTE! They keep screaming and pounding on my door. My parentskeep wasting our money on gambelingand other things of the like. I'm glad that I have my saving's account money, because when s**t finaly hits the fan, then I can get away from it all. On the positive side, I had a wonderful dream last night. I dreamt that I was free_____.....

Clara awoke with a start.
"Damned brats won't leave me alone," she said with a disgruntled sigh as she prowled across her room. Her room was mainly black, with sparks of white and red coming out of various places. Her bookshelf was filled with her favorite murder, suspense, and horror fictional novels and the same genres of anime and manga. She crossed her room in a few strides, and opened the door.
"WHAT NOW DO YOU WANT?!?" She yelled as she opened the door to the little demons peering up at her.
"Your BOYFRIEND is at the door" Jack said anxiously.
"He said he wants to see you cause he misses you" Alex shouted rapidly.
"FINE" Clara yelled back at them. "I"ll go let him in then!" She shut her door and walked to the front door. At 17, she was a tall, skinny, attractive young lady with with dark hair, a matching composure, and a muscular build. With her build, she could just about beat down any one that treid or had tried to bully her around. she remembered dully that she hadn't had a boyfriend since she was in middle school. She wondered who the mysterious "Boyfriend" could be. She pened the door and gasped. In front of her stood a pallid, skinny young man, drenched in rain. He wore all black and his black hair was hung low down his face.
"Come in Steve," Clara stated happily while trying to fake her way along as she ushered in her stranger. It was the continuous pour of rain that finallymade him enter, seemingly reluctantly. He shut the door firmly as he looked down. He looked down because there were two pairs of prying eyes glued to them from the couch. Clara had dashed down the hall to get some clean dry towels for the stranger to dry off with. When she returned, he was still in the same spot where she left him when she left. She tossed a towel to him, and he caught it without looking back up.
Impressive, she thought in her mind, but she didn't show it. She finally noticed the eyes watching, and glared at her brothers that sent them fleeing out of the room. After she was convinced that they were alone and the brats weren't trying to spy, she put her hand in her pocket and nonchalanly wrapped her hand around the knife in her pocket. This blade was her favorite- a steel blade with a fine silver coating over it and a silver inlay in the dusk grey handle. When she turned around, the stranger was looking in her direction with his damp hair slicked back, but his eyes closed.
"Clara," he whispered softle. "I've come on behalf of my boss."
Clara was shocked and appalled.
"How do you know my name? Nevermind, who anr YOU, and what does YOUR BOSS want with me?" Clara said firmly, standing her ground.
"My name is Damien," he whispered as he looked up, opening his eyes, and locking glances. His eyes were a golden brown, that bordered a close deep yellow.