Eric just stared and fell to the floor, he knew he was dreaming so got up and tried to make it a nice happy dream. He went over to Rachel and kissed her. She was a little confused but still kissed back a little. then she grabed his hand and began to run. Eric clumsily fell but knew it wouldnt hurt until he hit the floor. When he got up he realised that he would of never felt Rachels hand on his. Then Rachel said," I thought of asked many questions by now...thanks", she laghed. Eric then knowtest that it wasnt a dream. They entered the castle and he saw many rooms in many coridors and the King and Queen, until Rachel told him. They where capricorns! Eric was not quite sure what happened until Rachel told him. She said,"Im a healer,princess,and warroir. My parents aka the King and Queen, dont like the warrior part, and im almost old enough tobe Queen." Eric then imagend being a king but thought maybe it wouldnt end up like that. The Queen said" We are leaders of a world that cant be named, But We are at war because a countary doesnt want to be part of this, Oh and Rachel there are many wounded in the nurcery." Rachel nodded and held Erics hand and brought him to a huge room filled with bleeding, beaten, and crushed creatures like fire birds,dragons,aimals, sentares, merpeople, and even fairys. Rachel ran to the first bed which was a tiger there were unicorns everywhere. Rachel said," The unicorns heal to so they help alot. If you put some of there hair in your food you wont get sick."Eric just stared at the tiger while Rachel healed. When she was done she patted the creature on the head and told him he'll be all right. Then it said in an Austrailian voice," Well who might you be? Do I see a king or jestur?" Eric almost jumped, hes never seen a talking tiger. then he said,"Well... I do have a relation ship with her... I am really confused.I never have seen a talking tiger or the othe creatures and I never knew this place egsisted!" The tiger nodded and said," Well I can see how this is a shock, But its what we do. Say, did you ever thing of you and princess ge'en to gether for ever?" eric nodded and shoke his head. Rachel was almost done. Eric thought maybe it would be nice to be a King.

To be continued