Cherry Ito
You are a hero Falling.


And meet Mikey. He wants to have sex with you.
= 3=

Don't expect anything else from AF, because the AF is a den of ego inflated artistically mediocre animu-loving teenagers and undeserving art whores.

Old Man Vee and xFeelsLikeFallingx
Old Man Vee: Well... I flit in and out of the AF... It's like really slow sex.
Falling: hm....really slow good sex, like, making sweet, sweet lovings to your art....or really slow....boring...uneventful sex.... >.> Cos that could totally be taken two ways. XD
Old Man Vee: A bit of both. XD
Sometimes I come and just get frustrated... Other times I come and have good fun.
Falling: Oh hoho I see what you did there. ;D

xFeelsLikeFallingx, RougePetale, Sinful-kun and taste_of_poetry
Falling: Sin: stroke it so good.... - u - heart
RoguePetale: Falling: XD how big is your ego?
Sinful-kun: Yes I do ;D
taste_of_poetry: its to big, its wide, its to strong, it wont fit,
its to much, its to tough, you talk like this cause you can back it up
Fally's got a big ego~
such a huge ego~
Falling: XD Yall make my ego sound like its competing with my PEEN.
Sinful-kun: Isn't it Fally, isn't it? B]

Ryxios, Cherry Ito, and xFeelsLikeFallingx
Ryxios: Fally; Yeah, just like the first half hour of the game, when you get this? Rofl.xFeelsLikeFallingx: ;O video game smex!
Falling: = 3= //wiggles hips~
Ryxios: Sexual healing... sounds like it should be a new skill.
Falling: lol +2000 exp ;P