It woud soon be spring and the lovers always hung out. but when it did turn spring, something strange happened. and thats when rachel said,"Uhhh....sorry got to go bye!" She ran into the bushes. Eric was confused but knew she had a good explanaition. So he went to ask her but she wasnt there and all the things he found were white strands of hair and a drip of blue goo. He was so confused, the evedince didnt go together. The next day he went to Rachels house and gave her a rose then asked," What happened yesturday? you disapeared." Them rachel said,"Uhh..well....I was...late?ok...I have a secret.... do you want to know?" Eric nodded and she continued,"Well I a-, then She froze and fell to the floor holding her head. Then she opened her eyes and Eric saw a greenish yellow light in here eye then a palace. Rachel closed here eyes and stood up and held har head. She said,"Sorry i have to go... or do u want to come?" Eric was confused but said," As long as i wont get killed."Rachel grabed something then a swarm of yellow light came over them. They were in front of a castle.

heart To be continued... heart