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bittyskitty94210's journal
i like anime but then again who doesnt!!!! my journal will be pretty much about weird random stuff......
the moot*
sorry its been a while since ive wrote life got to me
so many things i did not write most of which being my adventures with Pika from her joining the demon class playing pranks on Mido and cracking a bunch of times with inability to cope with reality ...... sweatdrop ...oh yah and first days of sophmore year and falling asleep on the bus being groggy things going up and down constantly seeing lots of different moives making lots of special moments....

this is just a blab to myself no one will read it but me

originally i wanted to make a small poem with the inspiration coming from a pic and comic squishy showed me then the feelings i felt afterwards

i was completely ecstatic at first then later i cooled down im probly bi polar or its my cursed horomones

everyone makes mistakes we have regrets once in a while but we must keep going or end up wasting the chance to live and to truely breathe

we only get one life
but what if i turns out horrible
then we will understand
we'll let you go on
not to death
but to a new breathe of life
if you dont come back
we wont mind
we will remember you
and keep you in our hearts
even if you dont write
we wont mind
we'll know your breathing
alive well and in a better place

jeebus do i suck at writing but no one knows
for no one notices or cares
im in my own little world
dont worry im happy there

we only get one life
use it wisely
or not
live it up and party
but there is so much
dont go to fast
or you'll miss your chance
to breathe and feel peace
comfortable silence is hard to come by these days
not if you really listen
the birds the bees
you dont even know your breathing
no thoughts crash through your mind
you hear everything and nothing
life flows through you
its worth it
ive felt it a few times for a few seconds
but i know its worth it i know its there
kinda like faith....

i have no idea where im going with all this im just letting it all out

were all humans
we all have unpractical hearts and feelings
but that is how we grow socially
hurt and be hurt
love like hate deflat brag sulk shock
fear enjoy bewildered nervous
brave benevolent lust crave
need destroy inflame cold blooded
frustration tranquility
the list goes on
but were all the same inside
it just looks different from the backgrounds were stuck in
they say you have to learn to live with yourself before you make anyone else deal with you in their lives
were all human
were all susubtiable(i have no idea what word im trying to use) to change so we can improve ourselves
we can recover from pain and guilt
the scar is there but from it you learn
if you hurt them help them get through it
its better to finish things then to leave it to hang and fester

just let it all out

if they hurt you try to talk through it
youll learn how to deal with it better the next time

yah im still a rookie on writing about the inner soul heart and mind
if you dont agree with me thats ok with me im still trying to learn how to walk

if they died for you keep going and carry thier memory
you must not let there flame die
let not their death go in vain
make it so you'll all be known for giving it your all
if they betray you and want to come back
dont we all need a second chance
but then again there are limits....

i go on and on and on and i have no idea what im writing about
maybe to those who do miracously read it will

its ok to breathe
its ok
its ok

i love being told that even if its a lie
its still calming

boy am i oblivious......_-_ i guess somethings never change even though everything else is

the crossroads are coming fast
right or left
that or this
will i make it or will i crash

current staus
mind: ovals
heart: aishiteru dobe and everyone else i give you hugs and wish you to take luck

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teh squirrely one
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Nov 15, 2007 @ 10:49pm
....<3 *huggles u* aishiteru moot <3<3 *glomps joo* u ish good at it!!! waaay better than me... and u would know that ^^"""" it was all awsome <3 do it more!!! lol....*licks ur nose* i think u should do it more lol... >.< *pokes ur tummy* <3<3 i am the unstable one.... lol not joo!!! <3 u must help meh find a way to get to joos house..<3

commentCommented on: Tue Nov 20, 2007 @ 04:07am
*cires and glomps* Omehgee! I luffles you! Have I ever told you that? I LUFFLES YOUUUUU!!!! crying
You're not horrible, you're wonderful! It's wonderful! heart
I'm so sorry you're in twists and turns in yoru life, and that you're so tried. I'm sorry. I luffles you and hope you feel better.

I'ma gonna post in my journal, *stares at your post* I luffles it! *cries and huggles* I luffles youuuuuuu!!!!! heart heart:

(can I save this? ^-~)

1 Broken.Soul
Community Member
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