this demon is the the mind. well i just called him that because well im trying to sound wise. so going on with the storie. mind is the demon in which that if you play with you will get hurt.this guy was very hard to defeat. the person that deafeted him was his more into the storie. he would always be traveling to the human world because well that was his job. be a mind. well one day he went into this little boys head when he was just out of the hospital. yes thats why babies come out crying. so then when the boy got older mind got stronger and smarter. but the boy was then just new whatever mind was thinking because well that was his mind for a couple of years. then the boy grew old and old untile he was an old man. so the mind had made a copy of himself but a bit dummer. ( thats why old people lose their memories so fast.) then the mind went on with his duties to another human body but write when the mind got out of the boys body he was grabed by him and the mind said," huramu how dare you grab me. the thing that gaave you life and understanding." then the boy grabed the mind and ripped him in half killing his cells. one by one. then he went black and cold. that was all for the boy and for the demon. it was a very sad time for his family. but then when every body went to his room to just get things from him that they needed they saw him just there watching tv.