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zis is a journal??
i donno...
part 1-

omg im so bored... so i guess ill talk about random thing... ok well... at school i have hum...123456789...ok... 9 friends at my new school i know how pittiful thats why i get on gaia so i can talk to so of the gratest friends i have so...*sigh* i feal so lonly and i dont want to look goth coz im not you should see me i where a lot of bright colors, i dont where makeup i donno why but im trying to ill see what people think of me when i have makeup on. Hehe twisted . sorry that the words are so bright i just love color i know, im vary wherd and random i dont mean to be its just a thing i donno why xD i guess thats why no one talks to me oh well.*sighs agian* well if you've read this far congrats plz comment in my jounal i like comments and mail and puppys...

part 2-

ok well i where makeup some times now and now i have more friend i have um... well more then 9 friend and i dont look so gothic so i think... well i guess that im cool like that cool yeah so far i just started likeing 2 guys >w< after i said i didn't like them

part 3-

wow this thing continues to a part 3 im pleased with my self but this come from complete bourdom so... nothing to be pleased about

well heres a summery of my spring break like you people care, but im going tell you eneyway... on Friday i slept over at a friends house, we watch reruns of inuyasha, on Saturday i came home watch anime all night then fell asleep at 5am Sunday, Sunday i was being lazy and one of my guy friends call and wanted to prank call my then it turned into him just talking to me, the next day he calls again, and the next day, and the next day, then he stops because one of my friends started a rummer that where going out and that we kissed and crap like that WE DIDNT, well he stoped calling me, and a couple of days earlier we had guest come over, so we went to boivile dam, then next we when to seattle and thats when i called him he was wondering if they where bothering me about it because they where bothering him so... seattle was fun and the rest of the week i was being lazy now i was original not friends with him now i guess hes a friend i donno...

now coming back to skool i found out that she ( the one that likes him but talking to me) called everyone in her comtacts witch is pretty much everyone in home room and im thinking oh s**t what am i gunna do. well nothing happened, but one of the guys i like not says im stalking him... well i planing on punching him tomarrow...

see how kaotic every thing is when you have a small class i hate that... and that rommers are the worse and if eney one like that is reading this then ill let you know ill kick your a**... lolz jk but please prevent them there mean and there only going to get you hurt...

part 4-

ok well... heart ack is getting worse i cant stand being around Stephen any more im just about to blurt out " YOU CAUSED ME TO BE LIKE THIS!!!" thats all that comes to mind when ever i look at him and i dont want to blurt it out at him but i dont get what his problem is he broke my heart and hes mad at me for it we whern't even going out i had a crush on him and he was fluting with me and he found out because of someone and now im depressed trying to be his friend again but nothings working and i donno what to do any more i think i just want to give up and just leave him alone but i cant. school work is geting realy boring i almost fell asleep in class and i got sick for 3 days. so... oh yeah and me and my friend broke my DVD player it was so funny oh well. me and hannah made peace but i cant help it but i just dont like shes not nice at all and like her for that i hate it and i dont want to be anything like her but aparantly she rubing off on me and i becoming more like her, but unlike her im being nicer to guys (hitting wise) other then that i kick people "by accident" and i hit people with stuff lolz i know im vary immatures.

part 5-

schools going well... some what i donno way to much drama and i get pulled into it some how when i dident even know any thing... well i keep geting my friend jackison in trouble its funny and we dont mean to but we both agree that we hate ower teacher mr.clark... well im thinking about posting my story after i fix it and using it as a home work asinghment the prize is a baby ginny pig i doono if i cant have it though but ill still see if i will win one the see how good of writing i have so... yay inuyasha in my home work asinghment will be koy, and kagome will be katrina, sango will be samantha, miroku will be mark, shippo is sam?, and kirara is... kirara i guess or i might come up with completely different names i donno

part 6-

♥ok well this is special i guess its the 6th one yay cake for every one...

♥well... so far not so good, I'm hanging with the guys at my school, maya isnt pissed off at me and now forgave me for what ever i did, i dunno what i did.it been cayuse with my sister, and my class i just cant believe that school is almost over
part 7-

ok well if your ever reading this that good to know, wow looking back its kinda depressing... and congratulations for not telling me how stupid i am -.-, well i will now heres your sign myself now... im now at poynter, but now i miss city view... thank god some people from there dont see this so yeah, lots of s**t os going on like my grandpa died ON FREACKING THANKSGIVING!! well thats a way to ruen a turkey.... =/ well by the last day of city view i was friends with all of them and stayed in contact with only a few of them.

part 8
welcome to 2010, i have gotten help for my sadness, i have had two relationships this year and am single i am mainly on facebook and myspace. i will be 15 soon and i want a relationship so bad :/ i know i will look back on this again so i wanna keep my emotiones bottled up so i dont relive them again. inside i have gotten to know the b***h i really have become and i dont think anyone would want me.. i understand, i just need someone to love. but i dont think im ready yet. i need to get my life back in order and find that one true happyness again. yes nik is gone. alone with the memories of the past friends i had but i need to look forward. im going to focus on my writing arts and drawing. see what will make me happy again smile and who knows maybe someone will come along and b***h slap me razz

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Dec 19, 2007 @ 04:10am
hi! its sarahcat. i like your journal. (i see dog people gonk )

commentCommented on: Mon Jan 28, 2008 @ 03:24pm

Captain Levi Rivaille
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jan 28, 2008 @ 09:26pm
yay comments, i love kittys too

commentCommented on: Thu Jan 31, 2008 @ 08:34pm
how many friends do u have now? am i one of them? biggrin

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Feb 02, 2008 @ 12:13am
yes 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding

commentCommented on: Tue Apr 15, 2008 @ 03:20am
9 friends is good...(less now?) u liked two guys back then hmmm.....

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Dec 05, 2008 @ 04:59am
ok well i combined all of them here so heres the comments i have from them...

from yeshua_kosmos

I totally get where ur coming with the hate family I dont hate my whole family jus my brother i dont no y i hate him i jus do
OMG ur gonna think im so weird (whispers to himself: im so akward)

from Tyler11_is_the_MASTER

ur talking about stephen...arent you...I'm sorry jackie.

do u like nik? Is that who u talked about?

I'm sorry I couldnt help myself I had to read it. Who started the rumor who was the victim...was it me?

from superkool18

yeah and my arm still hurts. xp never use the water again. there a giant bruise. and i have scars from you!.

sorry i deleted some by accident oops but i have these

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