Red is good =3 Red become vampire! =O Red good Vampire, she become elder. Red talk in third person when happy. Red in love. Red happy. Red dancy! Red likey the dancey! Red stop talky in third person now.

Did you enjoy my little... erm... thing? I am an elder. Whew! The only bad thing is that I am a higher level then my boyfriend. Oh well. na na na na na na, you cant beat me *sticks out tounge* My new dream avvy is awsome but it costs 180k+ D= *starts saving* I like this one so I think I will stick to it =D umm... I love gaia? Yeah =3 My 4 loves are...
O Twilight
O Gaia
O Drakohnan
O Vampires
=D yay! -_- I hate disney channel by the way. It ruined vampires! *snorts* If you really want to know what vampires are you should read Twilight. <3 Oh and I <3 hugs. I aim to have over 1000 hugs by January 20th , My birthday, so get hugging >=D sike. Hugging is voulentary but I love hugs and I give hugs back to whoever hugs me. Wow... I said hug like...1...2.....3......7 times in this paragraph so far o_0
Red say bye. Red sad no one ever reads. Comment so Red not sad? ,_,

~ Red say Bye~