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Zoary's story
How Zoary came to be. His first encounter with Rage and his Rider. And much more.
Chapter 5-The Truth
MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: For those of you who have been reading my story so far and know about what happened to the last time I tried to do this, just know that I tried to re-create that last chapter the best I could. But for the most part this is what I wanted to say. Thanks again for reading -Zoary

"I was Wolverine?" What the hell did he mean by that? I was still frozen in my seat thinking about that that could mean. But the more I tried to think about it deeply I could only think of one explanation. "So, this was all...."
"An experiment? Yes." Even as he said ti I couldn't believe it.
"But why me?"
"Well, before I answer that, you must understand who we are and what we do."
"We? You mean there's more of you?"
"Yes. You see, there is much pain in the world. So much pain and suffering and anger and it doesn't seem to be getting any better any time soon. So me a few others decided to do something about it. We were all fairly wealthy so we could do things and get things that others couldn't. But we knew that with all we had done and built and accomplished it wouldn't be enough."
"Hold up man. You say you are all rich, why not just put a bunch oh money into charities and stuff?"
"We have. So can see the result. Simply giving money away isn't enough. For what we need to do in this world will require a more, direct approach if you will." I sat there as he spoke, letting his words into my mind, but only barely. See, there is something I should tell you before I go any further. When I was younger I had a major anger problem. So much so that I would often scare my own mother. I never hurt anyone, just myself. As I got older I learned to control it and I became the happy-go-lucky guy people know me as today. But my anger, my rage is still there. I can feel it when things are, well, not so good. I can control it to a point, but as you can imagine, that at that time I was finding it really hard to keep it in.
"So, where do I fit in your little plan her Warden? But you really aren't a warden are you?" He lowered his head and shook his head slowly.
"No, i am not a warden and this is not a jail."
"Ok then so you going to tell me why I have been taken from my friends, my family, my life for your experiment?"
"Is it burning?"
"Is what burning?"
"Your chest. It burns when you get mad." He was right. That was what happened to me when I got really angry. But how...
"did you know that?"
"The only way we could, we have been watching you. Now don't sound too surprised, we watch a lot of people." I couldn't speak. Just knowing that these guys have been watching me all my life was pretty darn disturbing. I had to fight to get one word out.
"Well it's part of the direct approach. You see, as i said, throwing money out at people does good, but not enough. The human action of good and kindness does so much more than any amount of money ever can. But even that can have its limits. Think back, to all those people that you have helped over the years. All those people who were down, sad, depressed, ready to kill themselves until they met you. Haven't you ever wondered why you were able to do that? Why you were able to endure so much pain yourself and still be able to help others?"
"A little, but I just thought I was that good." he gave a fairly hearty chuckle.
"Well there is that, but that right there, what you just did is proof of what I mean. You, to put it in an easy term, you are not normal."
"Oh wow you sure have watched me all these years. I mean its not that I have heard that from so many people, but it takes a man who has kidnapped me for a year to finally let me see it." That was strong sarcasm by the way. "So where did you study? University of the Plainly Obvious?"
"This is no joke my friend. I want you to really think back on all those people you have helped. Even the men you helped during your stay here. That feeling you feel where you anger is now. A kind of soft glow inside your chest. Am I right?" He was. It was a feeling that I could never really put into words before but he was right none the less.
"So is this the part where I am supposed to be all shocked and stuff? cause after you said you have been watching me nothing else can shock me now man. So why am I here?"
"Patience my friend, I am getting there. Now that glow you feel is the very thing we have been looking for. It is the thing that not only allows you to help people, but allows you to find them and even draw them to you." Again that was true too, I was finding that people would come to me out of no where and in need of some kind of help.
"So you want to use me to draw it out of me like water out of a well?"
"No my friend, we want 'the well' to work with us. And that's where I come to your stay here. Even though you clearly have this rare gift, we had to put you to the test. To cut you off and confine you to see if you could still keep your cool. It was a risky task, but we felt there was no other way. We had to make sure you would be ready once you were sent back put into the world. And my boy, you passed with flying colors." My rage was still there, but it wasn't growing anymore. It was strange, but a lot of the things he was saying kind of made sense. And the thought of being able to help others with such power backing me, both this group and inside me, my rage slowly subsided.
"Ok, let's say I am ok with all this, what about my life? I mean you guys literally plucked me out of my life. What about my family and friends? I would like to think they would have noticed me being gone all this time." At the he kind of shifted around in his chair and got a little uneasy.
"Well," he loosened his collar that some people do when they are nervous and cleared his throat, "you remember that movie you love so much called 'The Last Starfighter'?"
"No, you didn't." The old rage started to climb again.

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commentCommented on: Sun Nov 04, 2007 @ 09:02am
wooooow sooo kool so interesting so awsome i love it xd

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