Today I got the 1st issue of the Shojo Beat and I was shock. Cause I did order for a subcription on the site but I never got the bill. Its not the preview issue cause I've what the preview and 1st issue look like. I e-mail the site telling them about it. Anyway, I love Absolute Boyfriend, Godchild, Kaze Hikaru, and Crimson Hero. Baby & Me and Nana are good too. I like the horoscopes and preview to Ultra Maniac, I didnt watch the dvd that came with it yet but I plan to later on. I cant wait to buy some of the Shojo Beat mangas like Ultra Maniac and Ouran High School Host Club. So far my favorite manga characters in the Shojo Beat are: Gaku Namikiri (Absolute Boyfriend) Cain Hargreaves (Godchild) Okita Soji (Kaze Hikaru) Minoru (Baby & Me) and Nobara Sumiyoshi (Crimson Hero) I cant wait for the next issue and for the other mangas come out. blaugh