I woke up early. as usual
I'm so tired.. but it seems I can never sleep enough.
there's always something wrong with me..
but everytime someone asks me about it I automaticly say:
"no.. I'm fine"
they can't understand .. And I won't let them.
Malin won't be here until the end of this month.. :I
I miss her.. and mother? well, I'm glad she's not here.
oh but I feel so alone.. my friends are busy and..hm..I'm not >.<

the I-have-to-do-soon-list arrow
*job interwiew
*write in all the poems in my black book
*try to not hate me
*study spanish (O.o)
*return all the librairy books (and cd:s)
*sleeeeeep! xp

I got nothing more to say..
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