Haha, it's a new week and new things are deffinatly happening!
I'm totally not exagerating!

Well... as most people know, California is on fire.

It's horrible.

I wish there was some way I could help more. I've been dropping extra dollars where ever I go in the little tins that will be dontated. I know it's not much, and I feel so bad about that.
I just want to help.

Due to the fire my school has cancelled (because of the smoke, we're not close or anything) for Friday...
Now this would be all fine and everything for me because I mean, really, I'd rather sit at home and die from smoke then sit in class.
Except that... there was a dance Friday.
And I was actually going to go...
The reason you ask?
Well... it was for a girl.
Heh, this may come as a total shocker to most of you but she was the first person I've ever asked to a dance.
I know, I know, I look like a total lady killer but I usually let them come to me.
This time I went after it myself.
Okay, okay, enough of that... >.> I may be hanging around Jon too much...
So I was pretty excited... but what are you going to do?
So I'm just going to hope for the best with the fires and let whatever happens, happen.
Maybe she'll go to the movies with me... >.> ;o

Yeah... so that's my erm... life thing right now...

That's it.