Right now I want to run away to Jaz because I miss having someone to talk to, I miss Jaz so incredibly much. I can't WAIT until Friday. We should have a 10 hour talkathon. I've written soooo much to her. I can never trust Elena, I mean, I don't really trust her at all. Mickey is being Batgirl for Halloween... I love her outfit, it makes me laugh. Mom might be going on strike, her whole district for that matter, and she's bound to be more depressed than ever if they do. Did I mention that when they do go on strike, they won't get paid? Yeah. It's pretty bad. Tommy has been having some serious temper tantrums lately, I think he needs a Jaz therapy session. Bad.
OMG I swear I though I saw Jaz today.It was a girl that had the same texture hair, the same shape glasses, and I almost started crying. But, it wasn't her. I was mad.
But I can't wait until this summer. we should totally just chill with each other the whole summer. I can't wait.