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Random Blabs
Hehe ... well, i dont really know what to say, i thought, heck , why not try and make my own journal and do my blabbing here, at least no users will go "STFU!" ... lol i dont but yeah ... here it goes By the way, try to turn up the sound please..
Good Moments Gone Bad
Well, I guess it's a must that I share my own embarrassing moment too since I'm going to start a contest... here it goes...

I was out partying with friends and I spotted this girl that I liked. I liked her a lot then and I thought to myself "wow, this is going to be the night. I'll make the move". So, anyway, she was sitting on the grass in the backyard and I came over and offered her a drink. She took the drink from me and I sat next to her. I knew she had too much but thought nothing of it. She sat really close to me and leaned over, so I leaned back thinking she'd kiss me. And then, hold your breath, I heard this puking sound and looked down and it was all over my pants. I was too embarrassed to walk out the front door that I had to climb over the fence to get home.

The Sexy G
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A friend and me were exchanging gestures in the lunch room. When she blew I kiss, so I decided to blow one back. Too bad there was this guy in-between me and her and he.. well.. he thought I blew a kiss at him. He was like, "YO WHAT?!" So then I had to make gestures to him telling him the kiss was towards the girl behind him. He stared at me for the rest of the lunch, and I was beyond embarrassed, I was humiliated.

Isn't that a funny story?

I dunno, that was the first thing that came to mind.

OH OH here's another one.

So we were walking through the mall, and my parents want to go into the Gap. SO, they go in, and this one girl with a huge a** is sitting there. Since my whole family is very rude, we were talking about how huge her butt is and making sarcastic comments, when she looked up and gave us an awful glance.. I almost peed myself because it was so funny.
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Well I'm bored so I'll send in an entry for this.Anyways to the story.Okay so I was hanging out with my brother my friend at my house.We were outside thinking what we should do.So we discussed about what we should.Then I had a "bright" idea to do something.We had a toy car that little kids can sit in a drive around in,but the batteries didn't work for it.A bike.A skateboard.And some long rope.So what we did was we put the bike in the front tied the rope to the bar that held up the seat to the front of skate board's trucks to the back trucks,to the front of the top car.I was on the bike,my friend on the skateboard,and my brother in the toy car.We were in the alley and we rode down it.Everything seemed to be going alright,then my friend falls off the skateboard.The rope connected to the car falls off and the car turns.I'm still on it and I take a corner,at the moment I still think there tied to me.Anyways the skate somehow files up and hits the back wheel and I go fly over the bike and onto the street on my back.I was out for like a few minutes and i opened my eyes and I'm laying there and I hear this dude saying."Hey.You guys looking for you friend?He totally wiped in the street."

Anyways I might turn another one in this one doesn't seem that good.

Lucid Bunny
Well I'll give it a shot....ok so me and a couple freinds are at a creek and theres a rope swing that goes out over the water and when it was my turn I got the rope ran full speed and sung out over the river. What I didnt see until I let go was that there was a guy in a canue coming around the bend of the river. I landed on the side of his boat and flipped it over. I was lucky and only twisted my ankle(on impact with the boat) but I was laughing so hard I couldent feel the pain. And get this the guy in the boat was like one of my freinds teacher or somthing like that. XD

Hope you laughed as hard as I did.

Demented Skittle
So one time on a snow day we were going down a hill on bobsleds. So then my friend's little brother gets on with me. We keep going down this hill of ours over and over again. Well after about 10 minutes we're going down again cause the kid is having some fun and I like keeping little kids happy. While going down this last time, a car came out of nowhere. Soon it parked really fast, the driver jumped out and was waving her arms to turn, obviously on a snowy hill we couldn't turn so I yell at the kid to jump. He didn't know what was going on, I jump off he turns around and BAM! He hit the car's tire, the woman started yelling at me, I yelled back, this little kid is on the ground crying with a bloody nose, and all this happens in front of about 5 other moms, 15 kids and they're all just watching.
In the end the kid just had a bloody nose, doesn't trust me anymore, and the mom's of my neighborhood still look out for their kids if I'm around.

Mystic Sky
Well, here's my embarrassing moment:
Ok, so I joined a choir class for my junior year of high school. We prepared day after day to make the best performance we can for the end of the year concert. we even did some movements for it. it was coming out well. then the first day of the concert went well. there was a big crowd of people at our performance. ^_^ then we had to do another day. this was the embarrassing day. there was an even bigger crowd this time, twice the size of the last one. so we are doing great throughout the whole concert. we go through every song. then we get to the second to last song. we do some mixed up movements closer to the end of the song, and this is where i mess up. oh yeah, i was in the front row by the way. everyone does the movement when we are all suppose to lower, instead, i did the movement where we raise our hands. i looked around me because i felt something was wrong. then i realized i messed up. i start freaking out and doing gestures on stage about how i messed up. then i realized i messed up again, and i do another gesture, then i realized i messed up a third time. then i got back on track but i was embarrassed for the rest of the concert. i was embarrassed beyond believe that day. it even got recorded on tape. i got to see it in class the following week, and it showed the part where i messed up. man i was embarrassed in class. i am still just as embarrassed today as i was that day. god, i'm glad no one remembered that day. lol

thank you for reading. ^_^

ok well its like the weekend after thanksgiving and the mall is just packed... so we decide to buy a whoopee cushion and fart spray, we would blow it up... walk by someone, and squeeze it... well we had been doing it for about 30-45 minutes, it was about one of the most hilarious things ever and a security guard comes up to us and his exact words (in front of about 20 people) were "Ive gotten complaints about sounds and smells, i would advise you to go to the bathroom and check yourselfs, and if possible go home and come back when your problem is done with."

in front of about 20 people that was one of the most embarrassing things to walk away from, and for about an hour we'd go through the mall and get nasty looks from the people who heard the conversation

Queen Of Fantasia

It's a bit lengthy but I hope its worth it n.n *takes a deep breath*

I use to help out on the volleyball team in my high school and I thought it was an honor that I got to keep score, but for some reason our school was too poor to afford a new podium for the score keeper so it was this rickety old wooden platform elevated a good five feet above the gym floor. So I climbed up there and I was setting up the electronics when a friends yelled if they could join me. Normally you can only seat two, but my two friends are like half my size so I figured it'd be like two of me sitting up there so it will be ok. So i said "Sure come on up!" Well to my surprise they lugged up another chair with them, so now we were three side to side people sitting on the platform, I was nervous and tense that one of us would fall of because the end of the chair was 2/3 in the end, and the other chair was RIGHT on the edge. So my friends and I were talking, and soon I forgot about being cautious. This game was the last game of the season so it was pretty packed (home game so there was my entire school there &.& wink and on t.v.....broadcasting for tomorrow's news for the school to see...and it was half time so the teams were all sitting down and the gym was miraculously quiet, when my friend squealed at some joke and the entire attention suddenly shot to us, and she "tapped" more like kicked my chair by accident and here i went flying off the podium with my chair and a very loud (yea it happens when you're in a large space and its quiet T~T) SMACK of my rear hitting the rubber floor and a echo to boot...then the guy I liked at the time came running over yelling at the top of his lungs "OMG ARE YOU OK?!" with both his arms extended...I went *stupidly* to grab it and he goes "NOT YOU! THE MACHINE! WE ARE WINNING!" I almost fainted out of embarassement...not to mention it was against my other friends school so her teammates were laughing when she said to them "Yea I know her and she's always clumsy." and to make it worse both coaches from both teams came over and joked of the issue stating "Don't worry, it came on the news the other day that it isn't out of the norm for people to fall off the podium." "Yes, yes i read that one. It happens like twice a day actually." Then to add the icing to the cake...it was aired at school the next morning. Needless to say I was known as "Buttercup" after that for the entire semester...u_u;;

Here's my entry! 8D

I was playing tennis with my friends...well, more like kicking their butts at it because they just started ("NO! STOP STANDING THERE LIKE A TREE! PREPARE FOR THE BALL!" wink . I was showing them how to do serves and while I tossed my tennis ball into the air, a bird pooped on my face. Thank god I was wearing glasses @.@;;

Me and my friends went into Coles (Australian supermarket) because we were getting lollies and cereal for a sleepover party we were having that weekend. I went into the cereal aisle. Thinking my friends were following me, I grabbed a box of fruit loops and began to sing the theme tune.. You know the 'fruit looo-oops, *something something* rainbows!! *(maybe that add was only in Australia) anyway, I was singing this particular tune is a very high voice and as I turned around not only was I without my friends but there was this random lady standing next to me and as I turned around with the box in my hand I accidentally slapped her breasts with the back of my hand- possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life. whee

Hope you enjoyed laughing at my misfortune,

Well, I was wondering around in the exchange and found this contest, and thought, "Why not? If someone else is having a bad day, at least I'll make them feel better."

Well, about a year or so ago, I was at the park with a boy that I had just started dating along with a few of our friends. On an earlier visit to the park, I had thrown a swing over the bar that it hangs from so it'd be higher up off the ground, then wrapped my legs around the chains and swung completely upside down, with no hands.

So, since we were at the park again that night, I told Cynthia, one of our buddies, about it, and she said that she'd try it out with me.
Well, I completely forgot to mention that you had to throw the swing over the bar that it hangs from so it'd be higher off the ground.

Somehow, Cynthia realized before I did that it was too close to the ground, so she unwrapped herself from the chains and escaped the embarrassment that I endured.

Since I had my eyes closed, I didn't see her.

I was already in mid swing, arms out wide, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation..
..until I got a face-and-mouthful of dirt and woodchips.
Since I was too close to the ground, my face hit the dirt, and my momentum drug me a little ways which made it worse.

I untangled myself from the chains, and stalked off somewhere to wash out my mouth.
The boy that I had recently started dating stared at the ground through the ordeal, and didn't ask if I was okay afterward.
We didn't last for too long after that.

Oh, and I just remembered another one.
I was working at McDonald's, having a good ol' time with my friends that I worked with. That day they put me in present, which is when you give people their food in the drive through.
We never really were busy between two and six p.m. , so we'd pretty much fool around all afternoon. I was leaning up against the drive through window, my heels on the ground and my palms kind of holding me up on the window's ledge.

Well, I wasn't paying attention, and my heels slipped.
My elbows caught my fall by hitting the window's ledge. It surprised me, so I was sitting there like an idiot, legs spread somewhat out in front of me, half hanging off the ledge with my elbows.
Then my heels slip again and fall a second time, right on my arse.

I thought it was embarrassing, but funny, so to lighten the situation up for myelf, I said, "I just fell on my a**!" and was laughing about it.
What I didn't know was there were customers at the front counter that could hear me, and my manager was just around the corner.
I saw her peek her head around the corner with a furious look on her face, hissing, "SHHH!! WE HAVE CUSTOMERS OUT HERE!!"

I didn't really care, but still.
I didn't want to have a foul mouth in front of customers and get complained about.

Embarrassing Moment Contest

Well my whole life is a series of embarrassing moments and since I'm too embarrassed to tell you about the really embarrassing moments here's a simple one:

Before I go into the actual incident I must first tell you about an old black van that my dad owns. We live in South America and it used to hold bails of crocodile skins being transported to the airport for export.He had stopped using it for several years since business went bad and it had become rather old: the salt from the croc skins had rotted parts of the floor and so in some places you could see through to the road. It's engine rattled and it made loud disgusting noises and the doors at the back had to be tied together by old rope in order to remain shut. It was a ford f350 1987 model, monster of an 8 cylinder - my dad was always proud of that car even though it had gotten pretty old, saying that it was an expensive american car that he had paid a lot to have imported - that was his excuse for not chugging it in a junk yard and selling it for scrap.

So when I was 10 my dad's business started to pick up again and so one day he had to drop me to school in it since he was headed out of town. Rosinante (that's what he called it icon_xp.gif ) was of use again. I was so worried about arriving in school in that car (Has anyone ever seen Uncle Buck?). I went to a private school and so it was hard being around all those rich kids and pretending that you were one of them.
There was of course the 8 o' clock traffic jam and I sat at the back on a bench that my dad had put in ( icon_sweatdrop.gif ) since I didn't want to sit up front where everyone could see me. The car had huge wheels so you were sitting quite a few feet from the ground (think monster rally - no I don't exaggerate). I was repeating" in my mind -"park at the side park at the side" because then no one would see me since the school was around the corner. "Park at the side dad, I can walk."
"No I'll drop you in front of the gate I have to got this way." It wasn't any quick thing - the cars moved slowly as the socialites had to kiss their precious children goodbye and make a show of it. My heart was racing, quick, sharp throbs attacked my chest and I was thinking of how not to cause a scene but of course I could hardly think with the rattling of the car and the noise from the exhaust. Then finally we stopped, my dad said goodbye and he saw the panic on my face. He smiled and then then gave me the thumbs up (he always did that when I was scared and it always made me feel better - it was like me and my dad against the world and we were gonna win). I smiled back and gave the thumbs up. It was ok now - I was silly to be embarrassed it was all ok. So I stand up (the windows are tinted so you can't see inside) and I don't know if it was my sudden movent that caused it or what but the huge side door, which is a sliding door fell off the car and hit the ground with a crash, revealing me, the bench and my winnie the pooh lunch kit- standing up looking stupid. You could see the whole inside of the car, the wires of the roof were exposed the metal frame rotting and this sheep skin floor carpet. All my friends, a few teachers, the guard, parents, the principal - all were looking and wondering what the hell, giving all these glances. The parents - some were laughing and some were showing signs of disgust and of course all my friends and the older kids I was so intimidated by were laughing. So I did the only thing I could think of - no I didn't go around the front and open the front door - I walked down my very own draw bridge icon_lol.gif , across the moat and into the castle to face the fire breathing dragons. I kept on walking, I didn't look back, I didn't look to the side, I stopped for no one, up the stairs and into the bathroom, where I locked myself in until break. Yeah I got teased and so on but ummm I got over it. Or so I tell myself or else I wouldn't be writing about it so easily 7 years later.

Hope you found that at least interesting. :-/

Here's My entry.. It still causes many people to burst in out in laughing every time I tell it redface blaugh so why not share it with you people 3nodding Here goes:

Not so long ago on a windy day I went with school on a school trip per Bus
(which included three classes of the same year as I was in) On the way home the Bus had a bathroom break
and I went to the restroom at a filling station. And because I'm not
so fond of strange toilets (because most of the them they are Icky &_& wink
I always put toilet paper on the toilet seat before I sit down..
(I think you can guess this one) After the break I went back to the bus, and for some strange reason
the people in the bus were pointing and waving at me, so I thought there was something funny going on behind my back,
and I looked behind me, but there was nothing so I looked at my right side, and there was nothing either, and then I
looked at my left side to notice there was,
a long fluttering string of toilet paper hanging from the back of my pants.... redface redface

I started calling it the Toilet paper thingie because it happened another two times redface xd

My story is extremely embarrassing,especially since it was in public...
So my family and I were at this 4th of July party and my stupid older brother thought it'd be funny to de-pants me. He snook up behind me and he grabbed my pants and sadly my reaction was not quick enough. He pulled them down and with them my underwear xp I immediately shrunk down and hid myself from view and ran into the bathroom..I have never been so angry at my brother...

Hoo Flung Dung

I went out to eat for the first time with my girlfriend's parents.
We when to this really nice restaurant in Winston, Salem.
Everything goes just fine as far as me being a good guy and
having a decent future. I tried my best to somewhat make an
impressive first impression on them. After we order our food
my girlfriend's mom decides to go to the restroom. This makes
me think about it and then I decide to go a couple of minutes
later. So I walk to the restrooms and go in. I look in the mirror
first then looking down at my belt as I unfasten it I push the
first stall door open. To my great surprise my girlfriend's mom
is sitting on the toilet with her dress down and everything. I
almost had a heart attack. This was by far the most embarrassing
moment in my entire life.

haha ok so heres my embarrassing moment, it actually just happend this weekend. so its fresh in my brain.

so this weekend me and some friends decided to go to melrose to buy clothes and have fun. before we got on the free way for our hour and a half drive, we stopped at a gas station to get some drinks. me and my friend brett got those big gulp cups cause it was REALLY hot and the car we were driving has WEAK SAUCE air conditioning. so you could imagine how bad we had to "go" half way to melrose.

well once we got to melrose i parked the car and RAN to the first store we were going to. which was american apparel. ran to the back of the store and tried to find the bathroom.....there wasn't one. i asked the guy and he was like"sorry, employees ONLY." and i was like NOOOOO. so brett and i ran out of the store to the next one and ......they didn't have a bathroom EITHER. so me and brett ran to the next one..... no luck. we were nearing tears now so we ran next to a building and he started.... doing his business. after he was done he walked back to the store and i looked around.....made sure there wasnt anybody watching....... stare and i started "going"..... and just when i started guess who walked by..... Shauvon from the real world... i saw her at first and was like, "OH CRAP" and then i remembered i was peeing and i turned my head quickly. i mean what are the freaking chances ? such a random person to walk by at the worst time ever. she chuckled and kept walking with her friends and i was like,"omg your that girl from the real world." and she turned around and came up to us and we took a picture.

and if you don't know who shauvon is she's in the newest real world on mtv. sydney. obviously she's back and is now living in hollywood


It's the first day of school. My cousin is new to the campus so I offered to tour her around. Before we went to our respective classroom, we first went to the Comfort Room. I enter one cubicle and pee...

After that, we walk into the corridor and I notice people starring at me. I ask my cousin why but she didn't know. Til' my classmate approaches me and pull my skirt. She told me that my skirt's hanged on my panty and people can see my legs barely. I was so embarassed and I see my cousin slightly laughing at me.

When the bell rang I rushed to my classroom and I taught this is not my first period teacher, til I notice that I entered the wrong room. I say sorry abruptly and walk directly to my class...


Well here's a story that's a bit embarrassing, well maybe just more annoying and a bit about my awesome luck. xd

Long ago back in 2005 I was a working employee at a fast food joint downtown. It was a regular workday except my co-worker had to leave early that day. So I was left to clean up and close the store. It wasn’t a big deal I had done it several times before. My mom was kind enough to agree to pick me up after work and we planned on meeting outside at the parking lot at the time I was supposed to finish work. My mom had arranged a meeting with a friend that was visiting her that day, and not expecting it would take very long driving me home; she had brought her with her. But because I was cleaning up by myself it took a bit longer than usual. My mom was growing impatient waiting outside so I quickly finished wiping the last table and turning off the lights, grabbed my coat, phone and bag and prepared to close up.
I gather that normally when people close up a store for the night they activate the store alarm before they leave and that was exactly what I had to do. You see, when you activate an alarm you only have a limited time to get out before it goes off. The only difficulty about my work’s alarm was the activation button was a placed at a bit of a distance away from the door. So every night when closing up I would push the button and have to rush as fast as I could towards the heavy metal door that always had to be slammed shut incredibly forcefully, for otherwise it wouldn’t close properly, and before the tiny beep emerging from the alarm device for the 10 seconds I had to get out, I would have to shut the door and lock it safely behind me. This time wasn’t supposed to be any different; I pushed the button and ran to the door. I grabbed for the door handle and slammed the door as hard as I could. Now, I just had to lock up and leave but that was quite impossible at that moment for I was instead standing there holding in my hands the big iron handle that belonged to the big iron door.
The alarm kept beeping impatiently at me standing there in the open doorway still holding the big handle. Of course the first thing I tried to do was to jam the handle back in a desperate attempt to re-attach it to the door, that didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do and my mom had begun messaging me for I was taking too long and detaining her friend. The beeping had stopped now. Then I decided to call my boss. After a brief explanation of my greatly amusing situation she told me there was little I could do for the door. The only thing I should do before leaving, she told me, was to go and check if the register wasn’t definitely properly locked and everything as secure as it could be. So that I did, turning on my spot I started walking back towards to where the register was located but five steps through the door the alarm went crazy. I had forgotten about the motion detectors. Again I panicked and ran to the alarm device that screamed furiously at me as it thought I was going to smash it in with the iron handle that I for some reason still had in my hand, and considering the killer sound that emerges from those tiny devices I would have, if it hadn’t silenced when I finally entered the correct code after three unsuccessful tries. After a short sigh of relieve I strolled to the register to check it as I had been instructed and when I was certain everything was as secure as possible I prepared to leave again.
Then the company phone rang. I picked up the phone. It was the people from the security company. I quickly told them what had happened but they weren’t that easy to convince. Only after an intensive interrogation that included my social security number, home address and all the necessary work codes they finally decided that I was not a dangerous criminal and let me off the phone.
I was finally able to leave, turned the alarm back on and jumped outside leaving the door as it was and the iron handle lying on the company dumpster.
When at last I reached the parking lot, I was so happy about going home that the amazingly grumpy looks I received from my mom as I stepped in to her car didn’t bother me as much as it would have. xd

Hope you had a laugh.

Oh and on a side note, if you ever have seen the kind of old old fridges. Those who were made during the Hippie era. Oh you know... these huge round like fridges that look kinda like a Winnebago just standing up. Noisy things. Well, they have also about 4-5 inch steel handle. I think you'll find it amusing that one time when I was really thirsty during the night I managed to break that handle as well. And b.t.w, I'm the weakest member of my family. A girl with no muscles. What's up with that?!

I think I might be related to the Hulk somehow... confused

"Hulk smash puny fridge?"

Oh jeez.
I thought you were done with contests!
That's okay though.
I'll enter this one.
And then be embaressed.
But that's okay.
All for the sport of fun?

Okay okay
So here it is.
It's damn painful to read.
and sadly.
involves my first love.

-clears throat-

When I was in grade four, my cousin was getting married. He had met his wife a few months before and they were having their mangani. (engagement) This was in February and being a youngin' and having Valentine's day RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, my eyes met over the flames (literally...Google Pooja's)with this really, really cute guy's across the room. Ahh. love. Especially with someone about five years older than me. D:

I giggled and stared at him the entire ceremony. It was lovely. I went to the bathroom just to attract his attention to my leaving figure and strutted around like a fashion model...errr...what I thought was a fashion model. xD

My cousin's mom, Thiaji, decided that we, his cousins, would honour him and his wife on their marriage day with a lovely dance. So we got cracking and I ended up giving more than three afternoons up a week to learn her wretched choreography.

FINALLY, June rolled around. More importantly, the end of June rolled around. The wedding was to take place on July 7 and all sorts of celebrations had to happen before they got married.

A party was arranged and guess who was there? I was dressed to the littly girly nines and so was everyone else around me. East Indian's love entertainment, and what better to have family members dance/sing/act at a "function". So lo and behold, the guy that I had been referring to as "the C guy" for the last few months was up on stage and dancing. JEEZ> he could dance. really really well in fact. And I learned his name. Won't write it here. Let's refer to him as Pokemon. The "love" that I had fallen into became "real love". [ talk2hand now. xD]

And then my turn went up and I danced. And everyone applauded and I was embaressed.

Fast forward to a few night's later when ANOTHER party was arranged. This one solely for females and solely for them to dance/sing and bless the almost couple.

I danced again...and I hung around his mom, fishing for compliments.

AND HERE COMES ANOTHER PARTY. We, as cousins of the bride and groom, were encouraged to mingle. And so we did. And so we decided that some pairings had to be made........;heart: pairings.

The wedding happened. I danced. I tried my hand at flirting. I swear I was mad a** obvious about it. xD Imagine it though. A ten year old trying to flirt with a sixteen year old and being really obvious about it. xD I actually bought my first purse and tried acting really grown up during this entire process.

Right after the wedding, one of my cousins and I went for a walk. I had abandoned my usual crew of cousins for her as she was a couple of years older than me and so I thought she was "mature" and "more knowledgable". I proclaimed I loved POKEMON into the air and she told me that if I felt this way, I should go and tell my new cousin-in-law.

So I did. I told her I was in love with her cousin and that I wanted to marry him when I was old enough to get married. Here's where it gets nasty.

I thought she was going to keep it a secret but she ended up telling ALL OF HER COUSINS THAT I HAD A CRUSH ON POKEMON. His parents found out too~ gonk But I didn't know this yet.

My brother's birthday birthday party was just two days before the reception. My cousins came over, and now every person under the age of 18 knew about my feeling for POKEMON. All the girls were huddled in my room. With a phone. And a phonebook. Oooooo. I was goaded into prank calling him. PRANK CALLING HIM. And his dad picked up and I swear he recognised our voices.

The Reception was...errr...you'll find out soon enough. Dresesd to the nines again, we were dancing and singing. I was doing my mature parade again and they were smiling. I was all WTF?

BAM BAM. Near the end of the reception. I overhear them talking about me. Oooo. They were making fun of me for liking him. D: Giggling, joking, and teasing him. His parents joined in on their conversation and then I realized, I was the little joke that everyone had been laughing at during the ENTIRE RECEPTION.

gonk stressed

'cause we're now cousins by marriage, I still see him time to time. You can only imagine how embaressing it is to meet ANYONE from their family....and the jokes that probably ensue afterwards when their heading home. -shivers-

And that's my embaression story. Long, sad, and 100% the truth. I even have witnessed that would gladly testify. gonk

Ok, in my 3rd grade class (a long time ago) my younger sister was in my classroom while my mom was doing this reading thing with my class. The room is dead quite with all of the 30 kids/teacher/sister. Randomly my sister said "devin has a girl friend" "Or maybe a 100" "no 50" "actually I think 75". So of course i'm embarrsed and my face is all red(while my teacher is rolling on the floor laughing). (I normally talked a lot in school) so for the rest of the day I was quiet/ embarrassed and my sister thought she was king of the world for making me so embarrassed. All the girls in my class laughed when they saw me for a day or two.

Now I think it's kinda funny so


Ok....I was in 7th grade and my mom was suppose to be dropping off my saxophone at school. I was telling everyone how I was going to get my saxophone that day. So my mom comes into the classroom and trips on her pants and rolls all the way to the teachers desk. stare I didnt think that I could laugh at that again

Hi my name is Michael Tuckwell and my most embarrasing moment happened 7 years ago I was 15 and it was new years eve of the millenium and I ended up in Leeds in the UK at a random house party I drifted into and I was sneaking a few alcho-pops here and there having a pretty good time. The party was in full swing and the countdown was over but that did'nt stop anybody there and so me and a girl hit it off and so one thing lead to another in a upstairs bedroom. Now we were both pretty drunk and it was gonna be my first time and I was well up for it so we both ended up naked and she was on the side of the bed and I was on the floor doing stuff with my tounge and so on. So I was just getting into it when the door opens behind me and I hear a shrill scream and there was her mther and father staring a hole right through me naked with thier daughter and time seemed to stand still and I had a big sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when all of a sudden this huge alsation runs in the room and tries to mount me in an instant I push the dog away from me and grab my clothes and sprint passed a shocked mam and dad and run into the toilet and lock myself in. I then am standing there in this strangers house wishing the floor would open up and I can hide in the hole, I hear shouting comming from the room and I just kept feeling worse and worse with every second. When I was fully clothed I did'nt fancy my chances walking past the room so I immeadiatly opened the bathroom door and shot down the stairs and out the front door. I ended up walking for 2 hours to the train station and phoned for my dad to pick me up. And ever since then I have never been so embarresed in my life thanks for reading.

I Have So Much Embarrassing Moments! I'll Tell The Weird Ones I Guess 0.o
Okay After School I Was Daydreaming then all of a sudden I hit a mail box o.o
And Heres What Happened To My Brother (He Too Young To Have A Gaia Acc) xD
One Day We Were Eatting At A Burger King Store (It Has Huge Slides And Obstacles To Play In) Then He Pooped On The Obstacles XD And He Blamed It On The Baby NExt To Him XD!!!!

Saydee Linn
User ImageI saw the light.. here...User Image
Here's the scoop:

I was in 5th grade, myself being a "walker", or someone who doesn't ride the bus. The guy I had a crush on, we'll call him Mark, was standing in the room waiting with others and I. I set next to a girl named Chelsea, who was nice. She was putting up her chair when it caught the bottom of my shirt. She put the chair on the desk... with my shirt going up with it. I flipped out and knocked the chair down, causing everyone to look at me.

User ImageAnd turned it off..User Image

T3h Godsent
Most Embarrasing Moment.

When I was two my mum decided to take me shopping for clothes so happily i went in my buggy and off we went. We stepped inside ADAMS [It's a babies/toddlers shop] and my mother started talking to the shop assistant meenwhile i had jumping out of my buggy taken all my clothes off and had started running around the shop grabbing clothes saying me me me.

I was five and in reception class and we had rehersed for our christmas how for ages. We walked onto the stage and I was a snowman so i had to stay still. The song started playing and right in the middle of it I sneezed and snot exploded everywhere. People started laughng AND in was on tape. Eventually after 5 gruelling minutes someone gave me a tissue.

Well here's my entry for the contest then: redface

Well we went swimming at night. It's actually a family reunion and i was with my cousins splashing around the pool. I guess i wasn't looking where i was going when i stepped on something while running away from my cousin who was splashing some water on me.

Then when i looked down, i saw a boy bout my age who was underwater and came out holding his organ. I guess i stepped on him where it hurts the most..

The worst part is his friends came over and asked what happened..even though i amde my quick get away after a mumble of apology, i could hear them laughing behind my back..><

:Sniff: I wasn't able to swim there after that and stayed in our cabin eating..><

sorry the phone contests fell through and that thread was killed :/

anywhos, since life's too short to not share embarrassing funny stories, here's one of mine.

Back when I first started dating, I did a lot of group dates, as well as just hanging out with a bunch of friends, many of whom liked at least one other person in the group. We were having one of these group dates at my house, and we had decided to watch a movie and just hang out. I went upstairs to et some popcorn, not knowing that my friends (including the guy I had a huge crush on) had found the home movies that my folks had mixed in with the rest of the films. They pulled them out, and started watching the one my mom had marked as my 'special' moments tape, which included such treasures as potty training, and other moments parents love to record. I come back down with the popcorn, and not only do I see all my friends watching my home video, but my folks are down there giving a narrative of it, and telling all the stories they hadn't been able to get on tape, but wish they had on film. Whats more is that even after I was there they wanted to finish watching the film and hearing all the stories. I kept getting teased about it for months until I finally asked their parents about their childhood stories and after that I didn't hear about it again, although I never was asked out by the guy I liked.

so, this is for your contest. I figure I might as well give it a shot.

When I was younger, my whole family enjoyed giving the occasional wedgie. We all had contests and such. Well, we were in Michigan visiting my mom's relatives. Everything had been going smoothly, nothing bad had happened, yet.
On the morning of the third day, we were all sitting out in the living room. My mom and dad were talking to my Uncle, Morgan. He was turned away from me, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity, for a super wedgie.

I ran up , prepared, I had to be quick, I grabbed his pants with one hand, and shoved the other down to grab the underwear.

Very quickly, I realized this had gone very wrong. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so I'm standing there, with my hand, grabbing my uncles bare a**.

I immediatly jump away, turning a bright red, as my Uncle is cracking up, he can't breathe, and my mom and dad are asking what's so funny.

He tries to catch his breath, and he tells them that he didn't put underwear on yet, and that I had just attempted to wedgie him.

Everyone had a good time laughing at me for the rest of the trip.


I was about 6 years old and I was at a Campgrounds where you could go swimming and fishing. I had a really good friend with me and we decided that we needed to go fishing. We decided to go without parents and go at 6 o'clock in the morning. My friend and I walked down towards the lake with the fishing poles in tow. We were only a few feet away from each other and my friend cast her pole. She swung it over her head like the fish were going to get away. I watched the line come back away from the water. I thought in my head, WTF. It soared into my nose. I started to scream at the top of my lungs. All the eldery, who were up at 5 am to go fishing, started to laugh at me. My friend and I ran all the way back to our trailor. I had stopped screaming but then my dad said we had to go the hospital. Then the screaming started up again. "WHAAAAAAAAAAA. Why won't this come out of my nose?" I said while my dad would not stop laughing. We drove towards the hospital. I forgot I had the hook in my nose and went to pick my nose. Then, the hook fell out. My dad started to laugh hysterically. He said, " Great, now theres 500 dollars I can spend on a new fishing pole."

I hope it didn't dull your day to much. biggrin

Mrs Force
I had to go through a BUNCH of moments as I seem to have them a lot...

The one that stuck out most in my memory was when my aunt came down from New jersey and took my sister, mother, cousin and myself to Universal Studios in Orlando. Now first off, Im a semi big girl, I mean im not 300lbs but still Im tall and a bit pudgy. On the drive down to uni, I was talking to everyone and I said "its gonna blow if I can't fit on the rides", unto which my aunt told me I should be fine. My aunt and mum went to disney while my sister cousin, and I went to Universal....So, The first few rides are good and we finally decide to ride 'THE HULK'... Let me tell you, first of all the line was massive and we waited for almost 30 minutes to be let inside, not to mention the lines that wrap around so you feel as if your not moving whatsoever. So after what felt like a million years later we are next in line, front row...I HATE roller Coasters, I only went on them because of my family wanting to...so grumpily I got onto the platform and sat down in the chair. The guy came by and started locking the bars in place, he got to me and pushed the bar down, it wouldn't go down, I was to tall and my boobs kept it from shutting. I was so embarrassed, he was so fine to...;_; I know he was sniggering as were the almost 3 dozen people who could see. To make matters worse a rather large guy bigger than me around the middle but shorter was able to fit...it was so embarrassing. I waited on the sidelines trying to avert my gaze from the gawkers and waited for them to come back...

This occured on THREE rides, I was so angry as one of them was the one that goes straight up and then drops. To make matters worse it started raining and I almost fell three times on the stone walkways trying to catch up to my sister.

I ended up calling my aunt and mom and having them come pick me up....


When I was dating my boyfriend "J" , we were in the same cafeteria class together. Every chance we got, we'd be cute. Hold hands, squeeze bums, kiss while no one was looking. You know, the cute stuff. razz Well, anyways, one day, I saw my boyfriend washing the dishes in the back. i couldn't see his face, but it was 'him'. So, being the cute me, I went up behind him, and bit his shoulder. He turned around, and it wasn't him. The boy gave me the weirdest look. I didn't even know what to say. I kinda just froze up. HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO TELL WHO WAS WHO WITH THE SAME CLOTHES ON?! Anyways, for the rest of the year, that boy was very suspicious of me. He made sure to never be in the same part of the cafe as me.

Ugh. So Embarrassing. sweatdrop

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commentCommented on: Wed Nov 14, 2007 @ 01:51am
For the Good Moments Gone Bad segment.

My name is Ilyon and my worst good moment that has eventually gone bad happened on the day of my 13th birthday. Earlier that year, my school was running a little lait and so all the students that rode my bus gathered inside the building until a substitute bus showed up to take us all home. I walked inside and sat down by a boy and girl that I had never spoken to before. Since I was tired and bored I decided to start a little conversation among the three of us. We talked for about a half an hour and then are bus showed up and took us home. I got home and did my homework and took my dog on his daily walk around the neighborhood. When I got about half way around the block I noticed the same boy I was talking to earlier that day. I started making my way over to him and when he saw me he started walking toward me too. He invited my to come see his house and his family and I said that I must take my dog home first. After my dog was in my house I headed for his house again. There I met his sisters and we eventually became inseperatable that we eventually ended up dating for a short time. Her older sister taught me how to draw anime and got me interested in becoming an animator one day. IN February, they told me that they were going to move sometime in March. That didn't bother me much because at that time it seemed like March was lightyears away. But before I new it March was here. It was the first and the oldest of the two sisters' birthday. I wished her a happy birthday and we hung out all day long. On the 3rd of March, they started packing and I had mixed emotions about their moving. Finally on the 7th when I went over their house, tehy were not there and left a note that said, " Ilyon, You are my greatest friend and I love you. We have left and I may never see you again. So I want to tell you that you are my one true love and I will never forget you. I cried the whole day. Then at 9 o'clock at night there was a knock on the door. I opened it and she pulled me out the door and started to kiss me. We made out for about 5 minutes and then we started to talk about the things will do in the future. After that we went into the trailer that wasw parked beside us for unknown reasons and continued to make out and did some other things. We then left will the knowledge that NOTHING was hiding from us anymore. I never saw her again but I still know what she looks like. She stole 2 things from me. My virginity and my heart.

commentCommented on: Fri Jan 25, 2008 @ 11:28pm
Good Moments Gone Bad

Maybe this qualifies.

When my ex and I used to date, I used to go to his Judo class with him.
I had to take my brother there with me.
So while he was up the stairs playing with my ex's brother, him and I was one flight down just talking and having a good time.
We kissed many times before. But this one certain kiss, I thought, was going to be the one to make us both fall for each other more.
As we started to come closer and closer to each other, our eyes closed, and our hands holding each others waist and shoulder.
I noticed a heavy breathing on my face, when my ex and I opened our eyes.... to our surpise... my bratty little brother was staring at us asking us, "What are you doing?"

Suki Tiru
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