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Here a few things I like to call. Not me, my mind.
Random Day in Japan # 4
Me: Hey Sasuke, why the hell is your name Sasuke? question

Sasuke: What the hell are you talking about? stare

Me: Well it's just that your name is Sasuke and in Japanese that means obstacles, but it doesn't fit your personality, because I think your name should be 'Evil b*****d'!

Naruto: =^_^= I agree mrgreen

Sasuke: I AM NOT AN 'EVIL b*****d'!!! I just wanted power to defeat Itachi!!!!

Naruto: then stick a battery up your butt for power.

Me: 0.o

Sasuke: Well what about Naruto? I mean what the hell is a naruto

Naruto: stressed For you information it's a type of flavoring food that goes in Ramen.....DATTEBAYO!

Me: That makes sense. Then what about your last name? Uzumaki. That means 'whirlpool' or some kind of swirl.

Naruto: Maybe it has to do with the odd swirl on my stomach. *pulls up shirt to stare at odd like swirl on stomach*

Sasuke: figures. stare

Me: and Shikamaru means 'deer' . . . what the hell does deer have to do with Shika-kun?

Sasuke: or Rock Lee, I mean is his first name Rock or Lee?

Naruto: who would name a person Rock anyway?

Sasuke: Yeah and what about Kakashi? He doesn't seem like a scarecrow.


Sasuke: And Sakura? I know for a fact that she's no F--ing Cherry Blossom!

Naruto: SASUKE! that's mean! Then again she does hit me and you are an Evil b*****d.

Sasuke: GRRR... scream scream scream

Me: And what about Iruka his name means Dolphin.

Naruto: REALLY?!?!?!??!?!?! COOL!!!!! I'll be right back!!!!

^^^somewhere else^^^

Naruto: come on!!! PEOPLE!!! let's get this Dolphin in the tank PRONTO! I CAN SEE IT NOW JAPAN'S EVERY OWN SEAWORLD!!!!

Iruka: WTF?


Me: I've got a bad feeling about Naruto.

Sasuke: WTF? Kind of name is Tenten anyway?
It's just like that phone advertisment.
ten ten two twenty all calls up to ten cents per minute

Me: *backs away* OOOOOOKAYYY

Sasuke: And Itachi, Aniki(brother)'s name means weasle. Why the F-- would mom name him weasle?

Me: Great! I'm stuck in a manga shop with Sasuke talking abbout his brother............crap.


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Squishy Conscience
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commentCommented on: Mon Nov 19, 2007 @ 11:45pm
Ten is chinese for heaven therefore (quoting) she is "super heavenly"

commentCommented on: Sat Mar 22, 2008 @ 01:24am
shika means deer
shikamaru's family own dear
rock lee's first name is lee, but the japanese always use the last name first.
Kakashi uses scarecrows. plus the creator liked the name.
Sakura has pink hair, and her mother must of thought it was cute, although the creator thinks sakura is not cute.

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