ok this was boring neutral
It's been a lame day at school.. as usual
Kim was not there.. and my radio isn't working as it should...
I have a lot of things to do.. but it's only stuff I don't want to
I have made up a lot of poems.. and I'll have to write them down in my
black book " .. Or else I'm going to drown in all the postits
I've not been that down today.. 3nodding
I miss you Molly.. when are you comming home?
as I might have mentioned I've been fixing my room...
and with that I don't mean that I've changed it completly or just tidy up.
No it means that I have changed the wall...
The most important thing in my room is the walls
'cuz I always stare at them.. so now I have put up some new posters, photos, drawings and other things on 'em...
and it looks quite nice.. now I can go back to the gazeing
oh well.. that's about all I had to say about today.

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