I've noticed, while i'm sitting in my room cleaning, that gaia has become to....well to like....nice.....mainly the users. Yes harrasments a problem. But the gaian easdroppers are so annoying. maybe you don't like n00bs. You say: "Hey n00b, your mom is good in bed." 15 seconds later some person with like 15 kiki kitties goes and says: "NO YOU ARE THE N00B!!!!!! YOUR THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD." well guess what n00b supporter, gaia has the same social ways of school. I don't care what schools like for you. n00bs are going to be treated like freshman at highschool. BADLY! once that person gets a couple cool items. a nice name and some good friends. n00b no more! Guess what, we know we were n00bs when we started, but we, those who make n00bs feel bad, are the real teachers of gaia. Gaia's supposed to be fun, allowing people to communicate over different things such as school, anime/manga, etc. Yes I know i contradicted my self when I said gaia's supposed to be fun, right after i ranted about n00b haters and n00b supporters. Well guess what, when someone makes fun of n00bs, they learn that gaia, is a digital earth built to be like earth. ANd just like Highschool, gaia's number 1 social rule is:
Find friends that suit you best.
once you do that gaia is amazing fun.
Yes I asked for donations when i was a n00b, and i never got'em!
And for those n00bs, and n00b supporters who think gaia is supposed to be all flowers and candy don't report me, go be the little p***y you are and go crawl in to the p***y cave of p***y land. better yet if you want to go to flowers and candy land, go join neo pets pussies, cause guess what?! Gaia is just as harsh as the world itself. So either stop being so n00b friendly or join some p***y sight like neopets.com.
If I find one comment that supports neopets.com, you will immidieatley lose this, ex-Soldier's respect. Neopets is for 4th graders not middle school/highschool kids. Gaia is the ultimate teen website. GET USED TO IT!
the ex-soldier: Punk