Haha, alright!
Well, it's safe to say I've been the most depressed this week then I have been in a really long while.

Which makes me increadably happy because I wasn't very depressed at all.

It really helped me think about what I've over come through out the past few years.
Hell... I used to be so damn angry all the time. No matter what. I hated everything. I was taking this survey thing on myspace (Ha, shuddup, I've got a point comming) and it said what I thought I'd be doing at 25 and I used to think, right away, I'd be dead before then. I'm so glad I didn't think that now. I thought I'd be having a good time! Lol. I'm really glad...

Anywho... I was rather depressed this week because, one, it's our last week of break, and two, I was supposed to job hunt the entire time. I just kept being lazy though and putting it off.

It all came down to today though. Fridays are always the best. Even if your not in school or at work or whatever.

My FFVII came today and I was so excited. Then I went out looking for a job and it was really great.
I put in a lot of apps, and my favorite places right now are BaN, Torid and The Sweet Factory.
I'm really hoping for the Sweet Factory though!
When I went in the guy that was there was totally cool. I asked for an app. and he was all, "I'm so sorry! I just gave one away, but get the last one from anywhere else and put our name on it and turn it in!" Lol.
So I got one and asked him if it were okay and he said yeah. He was really excited, lol, he kept on saying "your going to turn it in right! I want you to." Haha.
When I turned it in he was like, "Yessss!" Haha. So he told me to come back on Sunday to meet the boss and stuff. So I can't wait until then. Hopefully.
biggrin DDD

Ha... well... nothing else has been really happening since, lol...

That's it!