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The 900 Year Diary
Lessons in Life- A Short Story Series, Chapter 1
Hallo, once again. A new idea I had (most likely done before) is a series I've called Lessons in Life. Due to the obvious demand for David Tennant, I'm making this a series with mainly Tenth and Rose, and some Classic Doctors too. If I'm in a really good mood, I'll have a crossover ;D. So, welcome to Lessons in Life, Part 1

The Doctor poked his head into her bedroom. He scanned the room; the coast was clear. Shimmying round the door, he hoped the squeaking of his converse didn't give him away as he tiptoed over to her bed. Completely ignoring his pact of silence, he bounded onto the bed, and allowed himself a childish grin as he fell forward with a bounce, and an objective groan from the bedsprings. The Doctor frowned, and placed a finger lightly to his lips. "Shh!", he hushed. The TARDIS gave a reprimanding hum, as the Doctor gave his affronted puppy look. The Doctor's lightbulb grin flashed back as he began rummaging under her bed; finding nothing, he didn't give disappointment time to sink in, and pulling himself forward more, he lay with his legs supporting him on the bed, in a rather compromising position. Oblivious, and upside down against the floor, the Doctor continued his search. Come on, he thought desperately, I know you're in here! No use hiding from the Doctor now, I WILL find you... After all, he wasn't a man who took much delight in simply giving up; and he was simply ecstatic when he found what he was looking for. Grabbing it, the Doctor gave a satisfied smirk, leapt off of her bed, and out of the door.
Ever since he was a child, the Doctor had enjoyed Earth confectionary. Whenever someone in the Academy had a package from home, whose parents had visited Earth, young Theta Sigma always angled at them for a boiled sweet, or some sherbert. Usually he got his way, being the persuasive sort. The love for Earth sweeties was clear in his younger days, with Jelly Babies and whatnot; but in this incarnation, there seemed to be a perpetual fetish for chocolate.
The Doctor undid the wrapper, which gave an indignant crackle. Rose really didn't know how to hide chocolate properly.


Rose Tyler was in a foul mood. She hated that time of the month. She'd spent the past few days moping around the TARDIS, and basically doing nothing. Rose didn't think the Doctor had noticed much, and if he did, he must just be trying to keep out of her way. I don't blame him , Rose thought, I wouldn't want to get into my way either . But Rose had been finding little presents every so often for her. A hot water bottle on her bed, and a cup of tea beside her cosy chair in the library. Perhaps the Doctor had noticed more than Rose cared to notice. Oh, come on, since when did I care to notice what the Doctor did? It's not as if he notices me... Rose thought, hugging her blanket up to her chest.
Since when did you not notice him? You're constantly giving him all of your attention! A voice at the back of her mind whispered. The TARDIS had been getting inside Rose's mind a lot more lately. Well, what did you expect? Hummed the voice, All girls together, after all! Rose giggled, but her smile faltered as her tummy began to complain. Rose doubled over slightly, and moaned. She knew exactly what she needed. Dragging herself out of her cosy chair, Rose sighed, and pulled on the slippers that had been lying limp and forlorn, underneath the chair. Flopping out of the console room, Rose made her way to her bedroom, ruffling her hair a little as she walked.


The Doctor was busying himself with the console; a wire here, a bolt there; the perfect way to keep out of the way of Rose's fouler than foul mood. The Doctor watched her as she moped around, seemingly on the verge of tears. The grey cloud that had been hanging over her head had darkened, and become restless. Stormy even. That pretty much portrayed Rose's current temperament, the Doctor thought. And he knew this not only because of her obvious outward appearance, but some of her thoughts were so strong they reverberated through the room, and bounced off the walls of the Doctor's mind. He grimaced, and rubbed his ears. Straightening up, and stretching, he stumbled a bit. Chocolate! The Doctor frowned, and rubbed at his ears again-- what was that? He glanced at Rose, who was curled up on the sofa, trying not to cry. I swear I had another bar...I didn't eat it, I just know it The Doctor's face fell. Oh GOD, he pulled at his chin agitatedly, I ate her last chocolate bar...I made her sad. Muttering something about important phonecalls, the Doctor blundered out of the room.
Rose heard; but it wasn't as if she'd cared to notice.


"Yes...yes yes, that's right. Mhm...mhm...no thanks...it doesn't matter how much it is! Just make sure you put a big variety in there, and don't be stingy with filling it up. Yep, that's alright...And have it delivered to the Powell Estate....OK, charge it to a Mr. John Smith's account. Yep, thanks...OK, bye!" The dialling tone sounded once more, and the Doctor put the phone down with a click. Now all he had to do was wait.


"...and everytime we touch, I get this feeling,
And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly!
Can't you hear my heart beat fast,
I want this to last!
Need you in my arms.
And everytime we..."

Rose groaned, and flung her arm out blindly, feeling for the vibrating piece of Earth technology that always seemed to be waking her up. She felt what she was looking for, and grabbed it, pressing the "Answer Call" button. "Hello?" Anything to stop that bloody ringtone.
"Rose, darling, hello! How are you?" Rose perked up a little.
"Mum! I'm Ok...how've you been? Have you missed me?"
"As always, sweetie. Listen, you've had a package arrive for you! I don't know who from, but I've signed for it, and it's waiting here. Are you and your Doctor gonna come and pick it up? It's blocking up the hallway!"
Rose giggled. "OK, mum, will do...oh, by the way, what's the date?"
"Oh...well, it's the 6th of September, but I don't know why it's important. Honestly, I swear, you're so dozy, it's no wonder you went missing for a year! And as for your Doctor..."
Rose grinned, and rolled her eyes, "Bye mum, see you soon." Rose ended the call, and happily lolloped over to the door. She called out.
"Doctor! can we go back to mum's, she said there was a package waiting there for me!" She smiled as the Doctor poked his head out of the kitchen, his glasses skew-whiff on his nose, but still he had his "Srs Doctor" look plastered all across his face. It didn't help that his hands were tangled with wires, or that his Sonic Screwdriver was clamped between his teeth; My Doctor, Rose thought, Trust him to look like a nut in the face of a menstruating young woman, raging with hormones, Typical. The Doctor gestured for Rose to take the Sonic Screwdriver out of his mouth. Rose raised her eyebrows, but nonetheless smiled when he said, "Sure we can! I'm nearly finished rewiring this blender. Now, as much fun as it was getting milkshake flung all over the kitchen walls, I'd rather not have it happen again! Ruined my best tie..." The Doctor winked, and threw Rose his usual, silly lopsided grin. He watched her as she flounced down the corridor and into her room. I'll make you happy again! he thought merrily, just you wait and see! He jumped into the kitchen, plucking a stray wire off of his shirt. Letting the rest of the wires and screws tumble onto the kitchen table, he looked sheepishly at the mess. "I should really clean this up...really..." The Doctor paused, grinning again at the havoc in front of him. Tumbling out of the kitchen, he skipped to the console room, and began setting the usual coordinates.
"Oh, and Doctor?", he heard Rose call. Rose walked into the room, smiling innocently. "Mum can't wait to see you." The Doctor made puking sounds once Rose's back was turned, but instantly she was on him, pinching his cheeks. "Don't think I didn't hear that!", Rose laughed. The Doctor chuckled good naturedly, and continued skipping to and fro, pulling levers, and making outrageous faces at Rose over the console. She rolled her eyes, and grabbed onto the railings as the TARDIS came to her usual bumpy stop. Rose smiled as the Doctor bounded towards the door like an unruly puppy. The Doctor held the door open for Rose, and hopped out after her.
"Now, m'lady," He said to Rose, offering his arm and raising a seductive eyebrow, "would you like a chauffeur?"
"That would be splendid, kind sir. And make sure my limousine is here for 7:00 sharp!" Giggling, Rose took his arm, and the pair walked laughing up to Jackie's flat.


"Cor, your mother doesn't half talk a lot!", the Doctor exclaimed, entering the TARDIS a long time later with Rose.
"And don't I know it! Who do you think sent me all of this?!", Rose said. Between them, Rose and the Doctor were lugging a huge box. Exhausted, they dropped it onto the sofa, which creaked indignantly. Rose began to rustle through the box.
"There's so much! Mars Bars, Galaxy, Milky Way...the perfect selection for a Timelord!", she giggled. The Doctor laughed, as Rose asked him,
"So Doctor, which one do you want?" The Doctor smiled at Rose.
"None for me, thanks. They're yours."
"What?! But there's so much..." Rose groaned, and continued sorting through her box of goodies.
The Doctor watched on once more, and smiled. He had made her happy again, so he was happy. It was only then that the Doctor realised; he was beginning to appreciate the sweetest things in life.

Right, I know this was most likely crap; this is because the first time round I wrote it, I loved it, and was really happy with it, Then my bloody computer crashed, deleting it all ¬_¬ Not being the type to just give up, I typed it all out again, as best as I could remember. If you read it, please leave a comment, and suggestions and criticism, I don't mind. I'll try to get the next installment of Lessons in Life up as soon as possible! whee Toodle oo!

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  • User Comments: [5]
    D'aw, Hollie, that's cute!
    And you really can write well! whee
    Can't wait for the next one. *pokes*

    comment Temporal Displacement · Community Member · Fri Oct 12, 2007 @ 09:30pm
    OMG that rox! i love it i wish i could write like that
    cant wait for the next one please make it soon !!!

    comment lemonpiepie · Community Member · Sat Oct 13, 2007 @ 02:58am
    Oh yay, somebody likes it n_n;;
    I'll try to write the next one this weekend. If not, I've got plenty of time ahead of me. Thanks for the comments! whee

    comment Pseudowho · Community Member · Sat Oct 13, 2007 @ 01:57pm
    See! The Doctor knows how to deal with PMS! <3

    -wants chocolate now-

    comment La Fantome de le opera · Community Member · Sun Nov 18, 2007 @ 08:34pm
    What happened to this? D:
    It was so awesome, and now there's nothing for almost a year? That's hardly fair. xD

    comment Temporal Displacement · Community Member · Thu Aug 28, 2008 @ 10:18pm
    User Comments: [5]

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