Over the Hills

o: I'm getting married to Rino-chan! Oh, I love inside jokes. x33

Anyways, she's my hubby now. And evidently, at one point was my mom when Naraku and Tenshi were my dads. D< Naraku's gay, who knew? x3

There's going to be plenty of iced tea and gyros for everyone. And I'm going to make SURE my cat Charlie is the ring barer. (You heard me, Ace. <3)
Date to be announced, and evidently, it's going to be in Naraku's castle, but that poopy head hasn't bought me a pwesent since I was twee years old. I have no idea who else is being what - can't remember - except that Inuyasha is best man. @@ Alllright~

I want a toaster oven as a wedding present. And I'm not wearing a dress. Heck no. Jeans and a T-shirt.

x3 Yonder~

And Far Away...