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Ninja Journel
A thing for me to post stuff about you know...
Veil of Darkness (Very Lame)
"Hello? If anyone there?!" A frail voice called out from the dark abyss. A young boy standing alone confused looking out in the darkness for answers about where he has ended up and why. Suddenly another voice calls out from the darkness, the voice more menacing and deep than the boy has ever heard. "Welcome stranger, we have been expecting you."
The boy looked around dazed and scared trying to figure out where the ominous voice had come from. "Who are you? Where am-" He was cut off by the voice. "You must be here for the knowledge..." The voice said as without warning a giant ornate door sprung from amidst the darkness decorated with all sorts of odd designs from far off places.

"What knowledge?" he said confused.
"The true knowledge." The voice said soon becoming quiet, Now the only sound was the sound of the doors creaking as it began to open."Step in..." The voice said now coming from inside the door as a bright light erupted from the door piercing the darkness.
The boy looked around once more before slowly walking towards the door but stopped abruptly to take another look around the darkness before stepping into the light as the door closed behind him.

"Wake up you filthy worm!" A loud voice yelled outside of an old wooden door. "Ah...Again..." Isaac said rolling over and pushing himself up out of his straw bed.
Isaac was a young boy of only sixteen, he was frighteningly skinny with long dark hair that barely covered his pale face. He wore an old worn out tunic which looked like it belonged in the trash centuries ago but it suited for his work as a slave.

Leaving his tiny room Isaac walked slowly out into the main room of his masters shack. "Why were you sleeping so late boy?! I got chores for ya!" The short fat man yelled knocking over a cup that had been sitting on the table next to him.
"I am sorry sir, I truly am. I had the strange dream again." He replied quietly not wanting to make his master any angrier.
"Well hurry up you worthless pile of skin!" He said angrily smacking Isaac across the face leaving a light hand mark. "Now go to the market and fetch the items on the list, and I better not hear of you fooling around!" he said tossing a small piece of parchment at him. "Yes sir..." He whispered grabbing the parchment and quickly scrambling out the door.

Once out on to the dirty street Isaac shoved his hands and the parchment into his pockets as he maneuvered through the crowds of people mainly unnoticed like always. "Why must I end up like this?" He said to himself staring at the ground. "Have I not been a good person?" He said quickly pulling one hand out of his pocket then quickly snatching an apple from a nearby cart and taking a quick bite before spitting it out and dropping it to the ground. "Yuck, stale..." He said bumping into something hard in front of him.
A scraggly looking old man stood before Isaac. He wore a weathered black trench coat and dark brown tunic with brown chaps and black boots. His hair was a snowy white hadn't looked like it had been cut in many years along with his long beard which matched the color of his hair. The man stared at Isaac with dark deep black eyes as if looking right through him which made Isaac feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I knew you would be here boy. I have foreseen it." He said in a deep almost monotone voice which echoed out from his chest. "Huh? What are you saying old man?" Isaac said in a slightly confused and scared out kind of voice.
The old man turned his back to Isaac then crossed his arms. "You know... I will be here for some time. When you understand, find me." The man said quietly turning back to Isaac tapping him on the forehead then walking away vanishing into a crowed of people as if he had never been there.

Isaac was left standing in the middle of the crowed of people still very confused wondering who the old man was and what he wanted with him. Now feeling a bit weird and forgetting what he was doing he turned away and started walking in the opposite direction of the man thinking about what he had said even though it wasn't much it had started to make him think.
After walking through the large crowds of people he had reached His masters home after walking around the market for a bit he extended his arm to grab the door handle only to have the door fly open and smash him in the face sending him falling to the ground creating a cloud of dust as he hit the dirt.
"You stupid waste of human skin! How dare you come back so late and with none of the items I told ya' to get!" His master yelled his face turning a bright cherry red. At that moment Isaac remembered what he had been doing and now wished that he had been dead or followed the crazy old man then go back to his masters home, but for some reason his master, the one he once feared now felt like almost a normal person like he had no power anymore.
Scrambling to his knee's Isaac bowed down until his hair touched the ground. "I am sorry master, I will never forget again, I promise." He whispered looking up just in time to get kicked in the face by his masters big boot. "You had better not forget." He said walking back inside leaving Isaac out in the cold. He touched his face then looked at his hand as blood dripped from between his fingers onto the dirt. "Blood...Haha." he said laughing.

More than a day had gone by since Isaac had seen the strange old man but he hadn't left the boys mind for some reason. The words had not left his mind since. "What was he talking about?" He whispered to himself touching the cut on his face from the previous day as he looked out the small bared window just now noticing that the sun had gone down. Since yesterday his master had not talked to him or asked him to do anything but could hear his master displeasure from through the door. For the past few hours him and his friends had been yelling arguing and drinking until they're words slurred together. Unaware of what was happening beyond the door Isaac just sat on his straw bed touching his new cuts until his door burst opened revealing four extremely inebriated men with angry looks on their faces. One of the bigger men who was an associate of his master stumbled over and grabbed the small boy by the neck lifting him off of his bed and slamming him up against the wall which stood opposite of the bed.
"Ya lil twirp! hic..." The man yelled out slamming him against the wall knocking the wind out of him. "What do ya think yer doing just sittin round?!" He screamed slamming him against the wall several more times making Isaac cough sending blood flying from his mouth onto the mans arm.
"Well?! Say something boy!" He bellowed but when Isaac didn't reply he threw Isaac across the room sending him sliding along the dirt floor past the other three men into the parlor of the small home and into the wooden table toppling it over.
"Why... Why do you do this!"
"Hurry and grab him before he gets away!" The men yelled seeing Isaac crawl onto all fours and try to pull himself up using the now broken table. He looked over quickly, scared of what they might do next. He had no idea what was going on, his mind was racing and his world had been spun upside down and without thinking he grabbed the table and pulled it in front of the men before running out the door and sliding onto the street frantically looking around for any weapon he could use to defend himself before the four men cause him even more pain. He took a deep breath and spun around looking until his eyes darted to a small scythe leaning against another small shack just across the dirt path. Quickly hopping over he grabbed it and leaned on it to support his weight. The scythe was just over five foot nine inches and had a long curved blade for cutting wheat from the fields.

As the men came out of the house Isaac stood there holding the scythe ready for them to attack him.
"What are you going to do with that boy?" The first man said laughing.
"You gonna do my farm work?" His master retorted laughing even louder.
Isaac just stood there then looked at the ground and began to laugh. His laughing soon grew louder and louder until it was heard up and down the street. The four men looked confused at the boys laughing not really getting what was so funny from his side. Isaac looked up at the men with fire in his eyes as he started taking slow steps towards the group of people with the sharp scythe in hand, the blade glowing in the moon light. As he gripped the handle of the scythe harder and harder blood began to run down the wooden handle as he began to run at his master without warning and before he could even let out a scream the blade was embedded inches into his chest and with a swift tug ripped out organs and bones from the mans chest. Still laughing as the blood ran down the curved blade the other three men stood scared not knowing what to do for a moment except look at the mangled body of their former friend.
"Now its your turn..." Isaac said with a sick and twisted smile running his finger along the scythes blade.

Only moments after the massacre of his former master a crowd had surrounded the deceased body of the fat man and his three comrades as everyone talked amongst themselves no one knowing what could have done this. Before long the crowd had grown to half the village watching as the house once belonging to Isaac's master began to catch fire. Smoke soon filled the house as windows burst and flames spewed from the windows and door frames. Wood fell and papers burned as the sounds of crackling timber became louder. Suddenly almost without notice a small figure appeared in the black smoke and flames of the burning house.
"Whats that?" someone in the crowd yelled out
"Is it a demon?!" Another screamed in a panic.
"No! Its the slave boy!" a child in the front yelled as Isaac's outline became darker and his figure was more recognized. The scythe still in hand he quickly walked from the burning building as it began to fall to the dirt. He lifted his legs and walked over the dismembered corpses of the four men looking at all of the people in the crowd, blood dripping from his face and scythe everyone parted to let him pass, all scared of what might happen next.

Walking through the crowd leaving a thin trail of blood behind him he walked through the empty streets with nothing on his mind but finding the strange old man who had told him of the truth without even saying anything. Soon reaching the western gate of the village a tall lanky figure appeared sticking out of the darkness.
"I knew you would come.."
"Yes sir." He whispered pausing for a deep breath. "But what will happen now?"
"You will learn." The man said.
"Learn what?" Isaac said still holding the bloody scythe watching as the old man began to walk away but stopped. "The truth..." He finished as he began to walk away leaving Isaac to follow him into the dark of night and into a new world and a new life.

End of Part 1.

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